About us

We at Shapeupher.com, are here to increase your confidence in your body shape with our vast knowledge of shapewear.


The website, Shapeupher.com was initiated by a team of friends (of course, all are interested in shapewear and related areas) who are skillful in different kind of industrial fields.

Each member of the team has a different kind of life experience regarding shapewear.

Since we have an enormous interest in the subject, we do regular research on new trends, innovation, and technology of textile engineering of shapewear, existing products relates to shapewear, and more.

Our ultimate purpose is to educate you regarding shapewear. At the same time, we love to motivate you enhancing your confidence in your figure. Our website makes you aware of shapeware and how to select a better one for you as we provide more in-depth and descriptive details on the related topics. Our focus is not only on the shapewear, we offer you more tips to shape up your body, healthy lifestyle, and how to select the best outfit for your body shape, and more.

Although the main focus on you ladies, even gents, also can learn many new things to improve your healthy sculptured body shape.


Our Contributors

Gayan De Silva

 CEO  Shape Up Her

Gayan is a successful shapewear seller on eBay for 7 years. His enthusiasm in the shapewear industry as a seller drove him to start this blog on behalf of the awareness of anyone who is willing to dig up more information about different shapewear.

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Dilani Samanthika



Dilani is an experienced web author who is pretty much enthusiastic about shapewear. With her massive experience in building up user-friendly content.

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Prasad Madura Abhayarathne

Web Adminstrator