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Wherever we go, we cannot escape fashion. Even if we escape the world of clothing, fashion styles will roam around us. Fashion has already taken over the world, and it is now using as a way to express personality and character. In the present world, a new trend was taking over and took the spotlight. It can attract the souls of many people around us. This brand new trend is activewear.


Nowadays people do not consider not only the looks but also the comfort and practicality.

These are the rising and essential factors in choosing your clothing.

It is natural when activewear became an attractive topic because they have the above factors.


The most-asked question – What is activewear?

Activewear is simply clothing items.

That includes even footwear, which is wearing for sports or physical activities.


Sport-specific clothing such as activewear is worn for many sports and physical exercises for practical, comfortable, and safety reasons.

Activewear is creating to help athletes and any other sportspeople as they can wear something comfortable and supportive.

Activewear can offer stylish attributes that will complete your look.

They can be worn during both exercising and in any other casual scenarios, even if there are no physical activities involved.


These clothing items could be the best choice when shopping, clothes to relax in, go to the local coffee shop for a drink or spend time with friends.

The balance between style and comfort

The primary intention behind activewear is indeed relating to sports.

We all have dynamic lifestyles today.

Therefore, the activewear concept’s attention changed from a pure athlete-related idea to a broader, general audience.

Designs and functionalities are blending for activewear to be born.


The real meaning related to activewear has changed.

It is transitioning from exercising clothing to casual wear.

Let us take a look at a normal day of a working person in the city.


His busy daily routines often require careful clothing preparations for all the incidents that are yet to come during the day.

It is natural for people to go for some time to the gym, run in the park, or enjoy sports activities before or after their work.

This is where the option activewear comes in.

Activewear is a perfect way to remain stylish and have the comfort and freedom of movement when you are going through your planned workouts.

Of course, they offer you the chance to stay active, healthy, and stylish without having worries about any of these points.


Let us dig up more about the activewear fabrics!

So far, we learned that activewear is comfortable and flexible to wear during your workout.

The fabrics used for these clothes are with a 4-way stretch material that allows the fabric to follow your bodies’ actions.

The fabric manufacturers use usually have moisture-rising properties.

They guarantee that you do not have to worry and can get as sweaty as you need.

So, you can carry on your workout without worrying about your clothing turning against you.

With activewear in your hand, it is happy to say that you will have full support.

Regardless of whether you are going for a yoga session with a lot of stretching, cardio workout, spend some time in the gym with the weights.

Do not worry; activewear is there for you!


What are the benefits of fashionable activewear?

  • Long-lasting

The fabrics are lightweight and breathable.

They are durable and retain their shape and elasticity; therefore, long-lasting quality makes them ideal even for daily wear.

  • Efficient

Fashionable activewear is designed to improve the performance of workouts by not limiting your body movements.

  • Convenient

Activewear has a wide range of fashionable sportswear to wear them to work and run errands.

You can also workout anytime you need without carrying a huge gym bag.

  • Fashion-forward

There are endless combinations of tops, pants, and outerwear. It is now possible to look fashion-forward, even if you are in your gym wear.

  • Minimalism

With activewear in reach, you do not need to choose separate sets of clothes for gyms and streets.

There are many activewear sets that you can buy together with any color combinations.


Is activewear different from sportswear?

The next main category of clothing items that are popular among athletes and sports lovers are sportswear.

A general question that arises is if sportswear and activewear are the same clothing and if they are not – what can be the difference between them?

When we dig further into the nature of both, we can see that they do have differences and primary purposes.

Activewear is made from sustainable material, and they include clothing pieces like pants, parkas, hoodies, and more.

Sportswear contains any clothes, shoes, or even accessories that are made with the unique purpose of workouts or taking part in sports.

If we consider sportswear, we should ask about the functions of the clothing.

Do they have thermal properties, do they provide ultimate comfort, and are they sustainable?

Is the fabric been chosen because its weight can make certain movements easier?

If we compare both clothing styles’ flexibility, activewear is known as the clothing that is creating to fit a wide range of physical activities.

Sportswear is not much flexible because it is focusing on comfort and functionalities, also keeping the temperature of your body as required by the relevant sport or physical activity.

The basic idea behind activewear is it aims to give a comfortable transition to your casual attire, and its clothing cuts, chosen fabrics, and styles show it.

If someone loves to spend time outdoors but they are appreciating the importance of fashion and need to look stylish at the same time – activewear is the best option out there for you.

You can be a woman looking for sexy activewear, a mom searching for kid activewear or girls, and boys’ activewear.

Well, do not worry, there are plenty to choose from out there in the market.


An overview of women’s activewear

Activewear tops

These are mostly sleeveless shirts that are typically wearing as an undershirt by both genders.

They are usually wearing suits and dressing shirts, but traditionally, tank tops are worn by women as athletic and sportswear.



Bermuda shorts

These shorts always wear by women as semi-casual attire, and they are referred to as one of the best kinds of activewear, especially for running exercise.

They usually reach the start of the knee or even extend towards the end of your knee, giving them the kind of length that is ideal for gym and other similar athletics.


Long tops and other long-sleeved shirts are activewear for women wishing to cover their arms when working out in the gyms or out in the fields.

Yoga pants

Yoga pants are usually form-fitting trousers.

They are designed for yoga as exercise.

They mostly manufacture from a mix of nylon and Lycra; more specialized fabrics have been introducing to provide moisture-wicking, compression, and odor reduction.

Activewear leggings

When we consider outwearing sports options, leggings are very beneficial for athletic girls and women who are always searching for comfortable types of yoga pants.


Capris are the most attractive outerwear for sports and activities.

Capri pants are another type of sports leggings that will go all the way to the leg’s mid-calf.

They are the best for warm weather and are often referred to as comfortable summer staples, especially during a workout session.

Sweat shorts

Men most commonly wear Sweat-shorts, but nowadays, even women are wearing them as their favorite activewear and athletic wear.

They are very comfortable as sweatpants, except that they are quick drying so they can make a great choice for the summers.



Racerbacks are not exactly a tank top but similar.

They are characterized by their X shaped back behind the shoulder blades.

This is a unique shape that ensures ease and comfort of movements during athletics for women.

One of the favorite parts about Racerbacks is that its amazing cut can help anyone showcase their back muscles and perfect shoulders.

What is even better than this is when you wear them, you can easily spot your form in the mirror during a workout and look at the way your muscles work.

Sports bra

They are the essential innerwear workout clothes for women, and they are a necessary type of activewear.

The key is to avoid the sports bras that are sewing 100 percent cotton and go for the bras that are making from a piece of moisture-wicking fabric.

Sports bras can bring exceptional support and comfort to women when you are running outdoors or working indoors in the gym.

The absolute feature of a sports bra is that it is tighter than your regular bra, but it allows you to breathe comfortably and efficiently.

Compression bras restrict movements in the chest area while encapsulation bras are not that confining and provide greater support.

There are also sports bra tanks that are well-suited for low impact activities more than running.

They are basically tank tops with a built-in bra shelf that offers increased support and comfort to your chest while exercising.

Men’s activewear at a glance!

Dri-Fit Short Sleeve T-shirt

You do not have to feel like a wet sponge after you finish your workout because these t-shirts can handle sweat much better than plain old cotton clothes.

The Short sleeve fitted t-shirts comprise the Dri-Fit technology that can help to keep you dry during your workouts.

It has a moisture wicking feature function that remains incredible during all seasons.

Running Vest

Do not worry about getting cold or wet when you perform your favorite sports.

Running vest is specially designed for men who are exercising in cold weather.

They are excellent clothing of athletic tops that provide you with enough warmth and insulation to maintain your performance in cold weather conditions.

It is water repellent, therefore keeps you dry during wet conditions.

Compression T-Shirt

Compression t-shirts are yet another athletic wear that is popular among successful sporters around the globe.

It comprises stretch-mesh underarm panels that are providing ventilation to various parts of your body.

Moreover, it offers anti-odor technology and offers the UPF 30+ feature that helps you protect your skin from the scorching sun.

Gym Training and Workout Tank Top/ Activewear bodysuits

The overall clothing makes it extremely comfortable, and the quick-dry fabric will help you get rid of the sweat in absolutely no time.

The moisture-wicking feature functioning amazingly.

Activewear Jacket

If you are out shopping looking for highly functional and comfortable athletic wear, you will probably need a track jacket.

Track jackets have become necessary to wear that matches with almost every type of activewear style.

The classic designs can help to protect you when you are outside.

Training Tights

The benefits of a training tight go beyond just comfort.

Training tights are typically made from stretch fabrics like spandex and polyester that will allow freedom of movement and flexibility.

In addition, the tightness of the outfit will prevent the friction that loose-fitting pants will cause against your skin.

Some training tights can come with elastic panels to support your muscles, such as your lower back muscles.


Compression shorts

Compression shorts are sewn in a way that helps to produce compression in the thighs and butt.

This is the result of the stretchy materials.

Compression shorts can prevent injury and enhance your workout performance.

During and after workouts, shorts will help to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.

They allow for an effortless workout.

Also, they can promote blood flow and improve better oxygenation to the athletes.

Cross trainer shorts

Cross trainer shorts are sewn to satisfy your multiple sporting needs.

Typically, these are made of polyester or nylon fabrics that are superior in quality to silk material.

They will provide the necessary strength and softness you need for different types of sports.

How to shop for activewear? -Best tips and tricks

Step 1: Try to wear it and make sure to move in it.

It is not like trying on regular clothes where you look in the mirror.

It would help if you tried doing a few exercises with your activewear.

This can help you to find out whether it is comfortable for you.

Step 2: Look for signs of chafing

Be comfortable while working out is essential.

Fabric that feels great on your skin can motivate you to work out more and focus on getting the right form.

Step 3: Mix and match

While choosing apparel, look for individual pieces of clothing that go well together.

Then you can mix and match your styles to create new exciting combinations.

Additionally, you can always buy activewear sets.

Best activewear brands (2021 in the USA)

  • Alo Yoga
  • The Upside
  • FP Movement
  • Girlfriend Collective
  • Athleta
  • NUX
  • Tory Sport
  • Wone
  • Splits59
  • E.Nation

Activewear masks

Face masks and exercises do not blend.

They will make it harder to breathe, and masks can cause skin irritation.

But when many gyms and fitness studios are opening up everywhere, it seems to be that protecting yourself and others is pretty important than ever when keeping up your workouts.

Some of the biggest activewear companies are designing face masks that are meant for working out.

Centers for disease control still recommend wearing face mask coverings in public settings, including hiking a popular trail, out for a run, or at the gym.

Unlike the mask you will wear when you are going to the grocery store, face masks for exercises need to be extra comfortable, breathable, and allow for movement.

But, there are cheap activewear/ Affordable activewear. Are they a good choice to go ahead with?

Let us face the truth!

Some of the fashion-forward, moisture-wicking, butt-enhancing clothing pieces are coming at a high price.

And they are even not just the high-end brands that are giving shoppers sticker shock.

Performance apparels tend to get pricey anywhere.

Some of us cannot digest the idea of spending 200 bucks for an outfit we are just going to sweat in.

The good news is, there are many lower-priced but still high-quality options out there—you have to know where to look.

You can search online and get great deals for your activewear options.



Why activewear so popular?

Women have various concerns about their body shapes, and they are doing different types of workouts on a daily basis.

The exercises require some essentials like sneakers, gears, and outfits that are useful for any workout.

Your workout outfits are very important because you can do the perfect workouts in an appropriate style with its help.

The activewear can provide many benefits like attractiveness, flexibility, comfort, and style that change the workout style.

Can you put activewear in a dryer?

Activewear is just like lingerie.

Most activewear is made from high-tech, human-made fibers designed to support body muscles and absorb moisture during exercise.

To allow these clothing items to hold their shape and the wicking qualities, you should avoid the dryer option and make them air-dry after washing.


What is the best material for gym clothes?

Bamboo is a very good natural fabric that is widely using in the manufacturing process of activewear. They are light, soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking. The bamboo fabrics can protect your skin from ultra-violet rays. It will regulate your temperature and can repel odors. The material will protect you against the sun, and it will keep you fresh even after an intense workout session.


If you are a person who is going to workout heavy and sweating, you need a breathable fabric. Nylon can come in handy with this matter. The synthetic material is soft, and it can dry out quickly. It is also highly breathable and has a moisture-wicking at the same time. Nylon can help you stay dry and fresh even while working out heavy and sweating continuously.


Spandex is also referring as Lycra or elastane. It is an invaluable fabric that has exceptional elasticity functions. Spandex adds the stretching feature for activewear. It is a synthetic material with the ability to expand up to 600% of its size. Spandex provides you with easiness to move, comfort, and it dries quickly. This is the reason why it’s using so much in activewear.


Cotton is the best fabric as long as you are blending it with other fabrics like spandex. When considering the cotton fabric, they can absorb moisture, which is not suitable for a heavy workout session. Even so, this fabric is recommended for low-sweat activities. Not like synthetic fabrics, cotton got less post-workout stenches.


Polyester is an excellent material in the manufacture of workout clothes.

The material is lightweight, durable, breathable, and it is wrinkle-resistant.

Polyester can be dyed for your purpose, and it is excellent at repelling UV rays, as well as protecting your skin when it’s wet.

If you are a fitness-minded individual, you should understand the gym’s best materials to wear clothing. Choosing a suitable fabric will help you to get the maximum benefit from your gym sessions.

Why women’s workout clothes are too tight?

The importance of “skin-tight” clothing is that avoiding them getting in the way when you are exercising.

Tight clothes do not get snagged between your body-parts or on gym equipment and are in a good position to wick sweat off your body.

So from a functional view, it appears that tight clothes are important when you are exercising.


What is better to run in cotton or polyester?

When we take cotton, it is a good absorber.

When you are sweating, cotton will absorb it quickly, and you feel wet all the when you are exercising.

A blend of these fabrics will be good because polyester can dry off sweat quickly, and cotton can absorb the sweat.

Therefore, polyester + cotton blend clothing is good for exercise.

Why activewear so expensive?

There are high-quality features that will make activewear expensive, but they can give more glamourous and beautiful looks. The workout clothes of women can keep the body dry and cool between fitness activities.

These top-quality fabrics are classy. That is the reason why activewear is expensive.

What is the difference between sportswear and activewear?

Sportswear is clothing items that have been designed primarily for sports purposes.

On the other hand, activewear are clothing items that have been designed for exercising and casual clothing purposes.

Both of these, sportswear and activewear, are fashion forwarding trends.


Here, we have looked at activewear in more detail.

There we firmly believe that now you have a clearer idea of their nature and purpose.

Activewear is popular and a trendy way of dressing for people of any age, culture, and origin.

It is a uniting style that allows us to feel more comfortable in our skin and, at the same time, look more stunning, and have that confidence to face the day with a smile.

If you still have not tried out activewear, go and try it once, and feel the difference.

Start by choosing a pair of leggings or shorts and a sports bra that will suit your preferences.

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