How To Wash Your Bras Properly! – Bras Last Longer When You Make Good Care Of Them.


Bras, as we all know, is one of the essential components that a lady needs to look beautiful. The correct Bra can make you a queen as it helps to enhance your body shape in the best possible manner. But if you pick the wrong one, the results are different. It can kill your appearance in a minute. Similar to choosing the correct type of bra, taking care of what you have is also essential. So, we shared some important facts on how to wash your bras.


What is the best way to wash bras?

Let us see the critical points we need to consider when washing your bras. 

Usually, it is recommended to wash them after four wears. But if you are in a warm environment, it is always better to wash them frequently. Bras sit in contact with your skin directly. So, it has a higher tendency to transmit skin diseases connected to harmful bacteria and other germs.

What is the best way to wash bras

Let us talk about the usual method on how to wash your bras.

The initial method is to wash them by hand.

As these are much more delicate than the other types of clothing, it is always better to wash them by hand. It will help to sustain the elasticity properly. Remember to use a mild detergent powder. A mild detergent will be gentler on the fabric and will not harm the colors.

Most of the time, stronger detergents tend to make the colors fade. Also, mild detergents save water too. The mild detergent is best if your bras contain silk or wool fibers. You can add a tablespoon of detergent to a gallon of cool water and soak your bras for about 15 minutes before rinsing them on cold water. Gently scrunch them to remove the extra moisture and leave them out to air dry. This is the ideal way to follow if you wash them by hand. 

But if you are busy trying to make ends meet, you have no option but the washing machine.

Here are some tips on how to wash bras in the washing machine. 


Even if your washing machine is the best option under the sun, it will make your bras wear out faster than handwashing. But if you are still thinking of continuing with your washing machine, we suggest a few tips to minimize the wear and tear of the bras. Make sure to wash your bras in a small load of laundry. It is not only for bras but for other clothes as well, because lesser clothes, you get more space for them to move freely. And it makes them cleaner.

Always try to use a lingerie bag in a delicate cycle.

That is a must!

It will indeed protect the stretchability of the bras. Make sure to use the prescribed amount of detergent, as too much of it leaves an oily residue on the clothes, and it might make your bras feel less comfortable. 


The way you dry them is equally important.

No matter how carefully you wash them, you must also pay attention to how you dry them. If you tumble dry it, the stretchability can have a terrible impact. It has a higher tendency to get twisted, tangled, stretched, or distorted when you make them go through the dry tumble process. It also distorts the shape of the cups, underwire, band, and straps. But you can lien dry them in a cool shady place as too much sunlight damages the color and makes them fade away fast. 

Also, storing them is equally essential too.

It would be suitable if you kept them upright, packed inside one another. It prevents wrinkles and will help them say something new for extended periods.

We hope you ladies got a general idea of how to wash bras properly. 

But when it comes to bras, we should remember the many types we have, and they sometimes have special requirements you need to pay attention to when you take care of them.

Let us dig into the details. 


How to wash underwire bras?

Underwire bras are a life saver!

It is the most popular type among many young ladies today and is indeed a wardrobe staple. Proper washing is a must to make your Bra stay in excellent quality for a longer time. You need to be very careful and follow the correct washing methods so that the shape will retain and prevent painful pokes and prodding from the bet wires.

This type of bra is most likely to damage than regular non-wired bras. Whether you use the hand wash method or machine wash, you need to be extra cautious.


Remember to use innovative laundry strategies.

  • Many manufacturers recommend handwashing the underwired bras as they are more detailed and delicate than the regular ones. Get a spacious tub or a bucket and add a bit of mild detergent. Use your hands to swirl the mix. Now you can pop your bras into the water—no need to fasten the hooks as they will not undergo an aggressive spin. If there are stain marks, you can leave the bras in the mix for a while so that the stains get soft. Wash it properly with a gentle rub. Finally, rinse with clean lukewarm water and air dry without too much direct sunlight. 
  • But if you prefer a machine wash, make sure to pre-treat the stains with a bit of laundry detergent, so it is easy to remove the marks during the process. Fasten the hooks to prevent the bras from stretching and getting caught in the drum. Do not use hot water, as it can shrink the Bra. And it is always better to tuck all the bras inside a laundry bag to secure the shape and prevent damage. Another important fact is that make sure that colors will not bleed off during the washing process. 

If you are thinking of how to wash bras without ruining them, you could follow these simple steps; you do not have to worry about cleaning your underwire bras!

How to wash Knix bras?

If you are using Knix, it is more or less the same process as any other bra. But make sure to use a laundry or a lingerie bag if you are washing them in a machine. Also, segregate the colors and put them in the machine together so you will not have to worry about color bleeding issues. Make sure the clasps are correctly fastened, and use a mild detergent. It helps you to retain the shape and color properly.

How to wash soma bras?

You can follow the same tips for the Soma bras as well. But it is always better to wash them by hand. A laundry bag is a must if we want to wash them in a washing machine. And make sure that the clasps are correctly fastened. Always use a mild detergent, as the bra fabrics are very soft. You can wash the underwear in a separate cycle away from the regular outer clothes. Air drying in a line is the best way to retain the shape and stretchability of the Soma bras. 

How to wash sports bras?

When it comes to sports bras, the only difference is that they are made of unique materials and get more exposed to sweat. So, cleaning them as soon as they are used is an excellent way to keep them fresh and smelling good. The common concern of the laundry bag applies to these as well. It is if you are planning to wash them in the washing machine. Makes sure not to use fabric softeners but use a mild detergent instead. You can use soft hot water too. And use a sports detergent as they treat well for the bacteria. Tumble dry in low heat or line drying without direct sunlight are the options you could follow for drying.  

sports bras

How to wash padded bras?

Handwashing the padded bras are the best option to retain the shape. You can also use the same method we discussed with the underwired bras for the padded bras.

But if you want to wash them in the washing machine, choose the gentle cycle. Wash them separately, and air dry them. If you tumble dry, there is a possibility of loose the shape. 

Other methods to wash the bras at home

You could also use a few home remedies to clean your bras. Here are some tips you can follow.

Did you know that you could hand wash bras with vinegar?

Once you hand wash your bras with soap or a mild detergent, you can add some vinegar to the last wash. It makes your bras stay fresh and brightens the white bras.

How to hand wash bras with shampoo is the next concern!

Yes, you can use a mild shampoo too. But if it is a baby shampoo, the better. It works equally well as a mild detergent. 

Here are a few more tips for better bras!

Keep these simple tips in mind to make your bras long-lasting!


  • Do not wash the white and dark lingerie together.
  • Make sure not to use stuff that makes your laundry whiter.
  • Too much washing is not good, especially in your washing machine.
  • Do not wear your lingerie for more than two days.
  • Do not leave the worn lingerie in the laundry basket for too long. 
  • Do not keep them soaked for too long.


  • Use the most delicate washing program in the washing machine.
  • Wash your lingerie in hot water, not hotter than 30°C.
  • Fasten the hooks of your Bra.
  • Use a laundry bag.
  • Wash the colors separately.
  • Use a little amount of detergent.
  • Wear your bras only for two days in a row.

So, we hope these points will be helpful for all these lovely readers to keep your bras fresh and clean!

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