SKIMS – The revolutionary shapewear for women by Kim Kardashian!


There is a lot of shapewear and different variety of undergarments nowadays. Earlier shapewear was used only for a special occasion or an event. But now there are everyday functions and parties.


In that case, women like to dress and wear beautifully whatever the occasion is. But with the lifestyle in current society, there is no time even to maintain body shape and the figure.

So, shapewear is the best and quick solution to this problem. Most women look for shapewear in different categories and brands. There is a lot of shapewear in the market, but the most challenging thing is selecting the best item for you.

When choosing shapewear, you should consider many things although you are wearing them to look beautiful at the same time and it should be comfortable for you. The most popular shapewear among ladies nowadays is the SKIMS.

SKIMS is a revolution for women, and also, SKIMS is ideal for anyone as they are available in any size. Its price is right, making it affordable for any customer to buy it.

You will be shocked as to how well they hold everything together once you slip into the shapewear. SKIMS fit into every category and for every body type.



What is Kim’s shapewear called?

SKIMS is an innovation of Kim’s struggle with shapewear and undergarments. This idea was inspired by her desire to truly create a considered and highly technical solution for every body type.

Whether you want your body to enhance, smooth, lift, or sculpt, SKIMS provides excellent options for all shapes and skin tones.

SKIMS is the new evolution and style to shape-enhancing undergarments, designed by the famous Kim Kardashian West.

SKIMS, Kim Kardashian shapewear

The SKIMS shapewear brand almost sold off its entire stock within the first few days of launching the brand with overcoming such a controversial beginning. SKIMS reported that they have made an estimated $2 million in sales within just minutes of its initial launch.


Kim Kardashian initially named her shapewear line as Kimono. But with the negative comments from society for cultural appropriation, she wanted to change the name to SKIMS by Kim Kardashian.

Kim was disappointed with the shortage of choices available after finding the best shapewear and underwear throughout the years. On the other hand, Kim was unable to find anything that offered the right support and comfort.

Kim then made this shapewear by cutting them up and dye pieces at home, sewing them together to get the desired results.

SKIMS is the best answer when it comes to shapewear and underwear that works. Moreover, this shapewear has become so popular now because of its smooth, enhance, lift, tone, and each piece offers a solution for every body type.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian West and the Kimono Controversy

Kim Kardashian West’s latest venture has been announced recently. Yeah, it was a line of “solutionwear”. In accordance with Kim’s thoughts, this new lineup is pretty much far away from typical shapewear. This new shapewear was used to be called Kimono.


The new shapewear, Kimono, a riff on Ms. Kardashian West’s name, is in line with her other Kimoji and KKW Beauty brands. Once she said in a statement to The New York Times was that this new lineup is a nod to the beauty as well as the detail that goes into a garment,

That quickly became the topic of online charges of ignorant and offensive misuse. The name was juxtaposed against images by the photographer Vanessa Beecroft of many women of different sizes and colors undressed in the collection.

And also, Ms. Kardashian West had mentioned in her statement that she has no plans to design or release any garments that would in any way resemble or dishonor the traditional garment. Moreover, she had not responded to community reactions. But, she changed the name of the shapewear.


Why is Kim Kardashian changing the name Kimono?

When Ms. Kardashian West had applied for trademarks for her Kimono Solutionwear lines, people around the world became pretty frustrated. She has used around eight variations on the name.

The variations were made on behalf of the following factors.

  1. Design
  2. Leather products
  3. Advertising
  4. Classes
  5. Clothing
  6. Apparel products
  7. Business
  8. Retail services

Even the application also contained a specific font version for the word, “Kimono”. Yeah, it was like a sort of bubbly print.

As we all know, Kimono is the traditional dress of Japanese culture. Since this brand uses the term, “Kimono”, a considerable amount of people started to criticize using the name of the traditional Japanese dress for an undergarment.

Immediately, a new hashtag started to circulate withing Twitter as #KimOhNo.

Not only that but also, Sono Fukunishi started a petition on on 28th June in 2019. Fukunishi had started the petition in Japanese and French languages.

There were more than 11000 people who had signed the petition mentioning that using the name “kimono” is such a horrible cultural disrespect.

Consequently, Kim made an announcement that she is going to change the name on 2nd July 2019. Finally, the petition was closed, and Kim changed the tradename from Kimono to SKIMS.

Comparison and contrast between most popular two shapewear- SPANX vs. SKIMS

Spanx is superb, and they offer a wide variety of exceedingly, just underwear and shapewear. So, they have a broader market to target. And the quality does not meet the standards that SKIMS products have brought to the table.

However, SPANX gives the feeling of more suction, but later after a while, that turns into discomfort and restriction. Unlike SPANX, SKIMS has met the needs of ladies across the globe.

It has become famous as producing skin tone-specific undergarments that emphasize body images is priceless.

Diverse Shades

Diversity in shades has reached its way into cosmetics. But it has yet to catch up in the shapewear. Generally, we can find only a nude and a black when it comes to shapewear.

SKIMS offer nine color options with an extensive range of women. Kim Kardashian West’s wanted to make the shapewear feel comfortable and look like a second skin for women, and she was able to do it.

Spanx Founder Sara Blakely said her brand hopes to expand into new categories to accommodate more women. She also stated that the majority of their shapewear colors come in multiple tones fitting for lighter-skinned buyers.

SKIMS vs. SPANX: Is Kim Kardashian’s shapewear the best?

Although the shapewear was once seen as something to carefully hide beneath a dress at a special occasion or an event, it became an everyday wear item when Kim launched her shapewear line in 2019.

When considering the Kardashians’ reputations for curves and glam, there is no surprise that Kim nailed the formula so quickly and easily. The perfect shapewear accentuates your body shape, cinching you in all the right places while managing the body shape.

When we compared Skims with the current top brands of shapewear, Spanx launched out by the founder Sara Blakely’s apartment in 2000. This brand was born from her frustrations with the ill-fitting, unflattering, one-size-fits-all hosiery market of shapewear.

Just months after launching, her efforts paid off, and Oprah declared the brand’s shapewear one of her “favorite things.” It was also announced profiling Blakely on her TV show and cementing Spanx as a Hollywood must-have.

To check if Skims can topple Spanx in the shapewear market battle, they have tested three products in similar styles from each brand. They were looking for items that make everyone feel confident while also allowing them to move and breathe freely.


Mind-numbing characteristics of SKIMS
  • Skims pricing starts from £25
  • Size ranges from XXS to XXXXL
  • Nine colors available from (sand, mica, clay, ochre, sienna, umber, oxide, cocoa, and onyx)
  • Built materials are Nylon and spandex
  • Price ranges from£25 to £80

Kim Kardashian created SKIMS to suit, enhance, and smooth every body type after years of cutting, dying, and customizing her shapewear to suit every outfit possible.

When launching her new shapewear, she emphasized that this was more than just “shapewear,” It was “solution wear,” encouraging the customers to feel like it is the best version of themselves.

This collection spans over twenty different styles. This includes the innovative “solution short,” which crops one leg for use with high-slit skirts or dresses. And also, it consists of the standard slips, bodysuits, and shorts.

To put the highly publicized range to the test, researchers tried out the high-waisted briefs £29, sculpting mid-thigh bodysuit, which costs £55, and the core control shorts £31.

In the practical world, these enhance and support your natural shape without making you uncomfortable, like it is at risk of cutting off your circulation by targeting your stomach, thighs, hips, waist, and bum.

When considering the results, first impressions were complimentary thanks to the wide range of sizes available. Shapewear always relies on its flexibility to make a few sizes fit all.

But SKIMS offers nine different options only. They are ranging from XXS to XXXXL, and it is simple to find what is suitable for you on the SKIMS website, which converts your regular dress size or bust, waist, and hips measurements.

Highlights of the shades of SKIMS

In general, there are also far more shades in shapewear and the lingerie industry than we were used to.

Including the high-waisted briefs, bodysuit and shorts are available in nine shades; most skims products come in just the standard black or nude few are not like that, such as the waist trainers and bonded shorts.

By looking at the fit, Skims come up true to size for the most part. From all of the researched items, that bodysuit was the only one that felt difficult to squeeze into.

But it felt like a firm hug once on, and it is adjustable at the shoulders. High-waisted control briefs were even gentler, while it makes you comfortable that you are even wearing shorts.

For most of the part, they also stay in place the whole day. But unlike the high-waisted control briefs, the briefs and shorts require a bit of rejigging if you are sitting down and standing up a lot.

There are more things to share!

However, if you have an idea of taking shapewear into your everyday wardrobe, it is better to size up, so they do not feel too restrictive as the day goes on.

The high-waisted briefs’ building material and the bodysuit feel thick enough to smooth out the body’s targeted areas. But it is not enough to stand out beneath your outfit.

The shorts are silkier, but it can also be the only item that left a visible panty line under your dress.

Where all the items stand out is its shape. In particular, the shapewear snatches in the waist in the exact way you expect from a Kardashian designed line.

And these shorts are the most compressive we had ever tried. All items are priced accordingly and reasonably. It should be considered the quality of the material.

Some shapewear may digs into your skin over time. And SKIMS sit comfortably in place and leaves minimal marks. Kim made a promise to design a line that would be the “closest thing to someone’s skin.”


  • Spanx starting from £24, Selfridges
  • Size ranges from Small to extra-large
  • Two colors are available as nude and black
  • Made out materials are Nylon and elastane
  • Price ranges from £24-£222

SPANX has been famous in shapewear ever since it launched in 2000. Those brands had previously used the same size waistband in all shapEWEAR products.

Then the SPANX founder Sara Blakely came up with the revolutionary idea to create different waistbands for different shapes and sizes.

During the past 20 years, this brand has expanded out into shapewear for every part of the body. It ranges from tights and leggings to corsets.

This was compared with SKIMS, by comparing the brand’s most similar products like the high-power briefs (£33), on core body (£86), and high-rise power shorts (£30).

SPANX offers a pretty standard range when it comes to size. These products come in four sizes ranging from small to extra-large, roughly similar to UK size eight to size 16. There are only two color options, and they are either nude or black.

Although there are limited options, the sizes are quite flexible as they are made of yet firm material. Thus, many people may find themselves between sizes in the fuller body products the brand offers.

More about SPANX…

The shapewear covers the back, hips, stomach, and upper thighs, and it is open at the chest as it is available up to the chest. Consequently, you can wear them with a range of bras or dresses.

It may look like a struggle to get into. But once after you wear on, it molds seamlessly to your figure and smooths out any bumps or unwanted panty lines. It is so easy to put on as they can be adjustable at the shoulders.

Similarly, the high-power briefs and shorts sit seamlessly smooth beneath most outfits. They are the gentler options, putting less pressure on your stomach. However, the shorts can leave a visible bump under thinner materials where the seam ends on your thigh.

These all the shapewear enhanced our natural body shape. And also, none of them felt so restrictive that we could not bear wearing them for more than a few hours.

They are all also reasonably priced, except perhaps some may have the exception of the bodysuit, which does not make enough of an impact to justify the cost.

Which should you buy when looking for shapewear? Spanx or Skims?

Although Spanx has dominated shapewear for a long time, Skims came to the market a year ago, and it is hot on its tail.

Although there is a comparatively limited range in products, Skims offers a wide variety in size and shade. The Spanx products are still limited to traditional nude and black, although there are brands like Skims are diversifying the market so successfully and quickly.

Every item that most people tested from Skims made a noticeable difference in smoothing out the body shape and boosting confidence. SKIMS also felt more real and shapewear against our skin.

And again, it is more aesthetically pleasing than the sheen of Spanx products.

If you are looking to add or buy shapewear into your everyday wardrobe collection, Spanx will be the best as you are expected. Both these brands are of equal quality, and, for the most part, they will deal with similar blows on the costing too.

But according to most research and reviews, if you are looking for truly powerful shapewear, Skims is the best choice.


Where are skims made?

Kim Kardashian has launched SKIMS Solution Wear recently, and her new line of shapewear made her millions of dollars in a few minutes.

Although there are some challenges when starting a new business (the whole Kimono cultural appropriation drama), Kim Kardashian has already planned to expand her shapewear line, including underwear and even waist trainers.

Kim has revealed in a Reuters interview that she has plans to open a SKIMS manufacturing factory in Armenia. But she has further mentioned that all these plans are still in the early stages.

How to wash SKIMS?

SKIMS should be hand wash cold with like colors only. When it is pretty essential, of course, you can apply non-chlorine bleach. But, do not use bleaching agents on a regular basis. And also, make sure not to tumble dry.

Is SKIMS better than SPANX?

When considering SPANX and SKIMS, both offer you a much better experience.

If you are looking for a basic bodysuit, any brand could be work according to your body shape, but if you are looking for more options, including clothing beyond undergarments, SPANX and SKIMS will better bet.

And if you are looking for a style that helps you stay sexy, SPANX may be the best option.

When comparing SPANX and SKIMS, SPANX seems to have more of a focus on outfits and body shapes suitable for any dress, while SKIMS mainly focuses on the shape and the enhancement of the body.

The Bottom Line

But your preference for shapewear depends on your body shape and figure, color, cost, brand, material, etc… So, the best thing before purchasing shapewear is to browse the products on each brand’s website.

There, you will be able to have a better understanding of the pieces that would be best for your requirements.

Furthermore, it will allow you to make a direct comparison of prices based on specific products. Pick any shapewear according to your choice and preferences and say yes to a party or an event at any time.

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