Bodysuits; A must have outfit in your wardrobe


Some fashions disappear with time. But there are few garments that are popular from the past to the present, even in the future, we can also expect that they are among the favorites. Bodysuits are also like that which never outdated and only updated with the new fashion trends from time to time.


This outfit has a wide range of collections depending on its’ purpose, material, design, and the occasions that we use to wear it. Thus we hope to talk about the bodysuits in detail, especially about women’s bodysuits.

However, gentlemen, you do not need to worry either, because we expect to cover your own choice also; bodysuits for men.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a gorgeous lady or a handsome man; this article will cover some important facts on bodysuits for both groups. You only need to do is just reading up to the end to more details.

In the purpose of getting a clear idea, the article will lineup discussing many aspects; What is a bodysuit, What is the purpose of wearing a bodysuit, how do you wear a bodysuit, what are the best bodysuits for women, the bodysuits for men and pros and finally the answers for the frequently asked questions on bodysuits.


What is a bodysuit?

Bodysuits are a one-piece garment that offers support and flexibility along with the tons of styling options that come in a range of styles from long-sleeved and blousey to spaghetti strapped and skintight.


You can wear bodysuits from professional and official occasions to casual events.

In simple words, bodysuits are an amazing outfit to incorporate into your wardrobe as it supports to cover your torso and hips and mainly connects with hooks and eyes or small snaps in the crotch.

In talking about the bodysuits, there are different types as follows:

  • Shapewear bodysuits
  • Sporty bodysuits
  • Swimming bodysuits
  • The bodysuits, which can be used as tops

These are available in different materials as well as in different colors. Some of them are long sleeve bodysuits, while others are sleeveless. Those differently designed bodysuits are for women.


In talking about bum coverage, generally, the bodysuit can have many different types of bum coverage. It can have a thong, bikini, Brazilian, or any other back in the panty portion.

The style highly depends on your choice. However, it is rare to see a bodysuit with a body short attached, but they are some in some cases. They are also high cut up on the thigh, or low cut.

Let us consider the different materials that are available in bodysuits!

When it comes to the material, bodysuits can be made of almost any clothing material. Simply they are made of soft t-shirt material to all lace-type expensive materials.

Sometimes they are sheer or opaque, plunging neckline or high neck, open back or lace-up, long sleeve or sleeveless, as we discussed earlier.

Most of the bodysuits are made of stretchy, snug, or body-hugging materials, especially if it is a shapewear bodysuit. Usually, the bodysuits are made of the same material throughout the entire garment.


But sometimes there are two materials used if it is a laced one.

If someone thinks that at what time a bodysuit can be worn, actually, it is for day or night. A few of them are designed only for daytime because their material or style is more suitable for a particular time.

On the other hand, other bodysuits are more sexy and fun for the night and or it can be worn as lingerie.


What is the purpose of wearing a bodysuit?

The purpose of wearing a bodysuit may depend on your personal choice and the bodysuit you select. Most bodysuits provide a great tension from the shoulders to the crotch to help play up your curves, especially with low-cut necklines.

Thus mainly they can suck you in, lift you up, and work as the perfect base layer for any outfit, whether it is a sexy bodysuit, shapewear, or even a sports outfit.

Typically, when women wear a bodysuit, the most common and practical reason for wearing a bodysuit is to have a “tucked in” top, because most of the time, the blouses or even the T-shirts become untucked when the blouse material is bunching or shifting.

There are some fashionable reasons also; women believe that the fine bodysuit will offer a seamless look. Sometimes it goes far beyond; likewise, one of the purposes of wearing a sexy bodysuit may be for personal pleasure and seduction.

In addition to its’ fashion sense, as discussed above, there are other purposes also. If you wear a shapewear bodysuit, it gives more attraction to your dress as an undergarment while highlighting your body’s natural curves.

Your purpose is different when you select a bodysuit to wear for a sport or wear swimming bodysuit. Now you entirely look for comfort and flexibility, which are more supportive of your adrenaline activities.

How to wear a bodysuit?

Well, it is not enough to know what is a bodysuit and the purpose of wearing it. You should know how to wear it.

As we discussed earlier, a bodysuit has a variety of fashionable options; you can use it with your day today, jeans, pants, skirts, and even with your shorts. There are no strict rules.

You can wear your favorite bodysuit with any bottom since it ranges from casual to professional to glam and sexy.

If you have simple tank top bodysuits, it looks great with your denim shorts and jeans. This is more casual.

If you need to wear a bodysuit in a professional manner, bodysuits are a great selection to make your look sleek and tucked in all day. Its’ perfect body shape makes it perfect for layering under your office blazers and jackets.

If you love to wear long-sleeve bodysuits for office hours, both white long sleeve bodysuit and black long sleeve bodysuit are ideal.

However, if you need to go to the office in a casual way, you can use separate colors as per your choice; red long sleeve bodysuits are a perfect fit while giving you a sexy look.

When you are looking for party time at the club, you can turn your bodysuit to create a cool but sexy party girl outfit with more versatilities.

For that, you can use mesh bodysuits or lace bodysuit with lace-up and cut-out details, off-the-shoulder, and one-shoulder styles. Not only that, but a leather bodysuit also brings you a stunning look.

Even a shiny bodysuit made of different materials such as a leather bodysuit or a nylon bodysuit brings you a rich look. You will be highlighted at the party, for sure. Some sexy bodysuit options can be worn with your short tied skirts, a jean, or even with your leather pants.

Sometimes, you can use your bodysuit for a special event, a Halloween party, or a thematic event. But you need to be more fancy and sexy. Well, you can go for rave bodysuits, since they are extremely designed for the festive atmosphere.

If you need a more seductive type, use a fishnet bodysuit as it shows off your skin glamorously. It can be considered as exotic lingerie as well.

Grab more ideas here…

Even if you are looking for a bodysuit for your children to wear for their annual concert or any other occasion, there are plenty of available options.

Spandex bodysuits and Lycra Bodysuits are a few of them. It is an amazing outfit that covers your entire body while implying your natural curves.

Of course, you can use them as a special cosmetic for many events. The bodysuit black is the commonly used one for such instances.

Even, you do not like to wear a bodysuit as a casual or official outfit, but you want it as au undergarment, there are so many options for you.

shapewear bodysuit is an ideal undergarment for all. Its design combines all of the smoothing goodness of shaping bottoms while providing a higher coverage at the back.

Then it supports eliminating the bumpiness between the bottom of your bra and the top of the brief. If you are looking for an overall coverage to shape up your body, this is the right option for you. The shapewear bodysuit comes with bra cups or without it.

We can use bodysuits as a casual outfit, lingerie, shapewear, sportswear, or a special costume.

The choice is yours. However, sometimes you may wonder that all these bodysuits are for the zero-sized figures, are there any plus-sized bodysuits for the chubby, curved bodies.

Actually, you have, there are plenty of cute plus size bodysuits made of different materials with versatile designs available for shopping.

What are the best bodysuits for women?

Although different bodysuits made of many materials are available in the market with different designs, all of them are not suitable for us. The best bodysuit for women highly depends on their quality as well as the purpose of wearing it.

Not only that, but your body shape also clearly supports the best option for you. Since we already discussed the fashion tips on wearing a bodysuit, there is no intention to discuss the same topic in this section. Here, the main focus will be the best brands of women’s bodysuits.


TUXE, one of the pioneer brands of bodysuits, is based in the United States. The customers highly praise TUXE’s bodysuits because it always stays true to its casual aesthetic comfort is its key element.

You can wear a TUXE bodysuit for a long day without any obstacle. Therefore these suits are perfect for your office hours. The designs perfectly match with a pencil skirt or pantsuit.



Saint Body

Saint Body is a Polish bodysuit brand, a European brand. The key features of Saint Body brands are as follows:

  • Always provides a comfortable nature
  • Manufactured using the highest quality materials
  • Ensure highly fashionable designs

Likewise, some of their styles include shiny metallic pieces, hardware detailing, and a gold sequin-covered suit that is unique and elegant. If you are looking for a sexy bodysuit for a night out, this is the one and only perfect brand to shop.


Alix also belongs to the United States. It is a New York-based brand that offers luxury basics for the bodysuits. This luxury brand first launched its bodysuit collection in 2014.

From that moment, they have grown to include a range of versatile designs; one-shouldered bodysuits, tie-knot styles, etc.

The Bodysuit of Barcelona

The brand was created in 2016, a lifestyle brand based out of Barcelona. Along with its Mediterranean aesthetic and timeless designs, The Bodysuit of Barcelona offers a variety of feminine bodysuits that work as super subtle layering pieces.

The garment is available in muted earth tones and mellow pastels. Especially these bodysuits are made of the fabric sourced from Italy, and it gives you the softest feel.


ASOS is not a brand only for the bodysuits. It has a variety of collections of women’s clothing. Although it’s not a specific brand that focuses only on bodysuits, ASOS is a good choice if you are looking for a bodysuit for an affordable price.

Their collection includes a variety of cheap bodysuits options with high-quality designs. The ASOS bodysuits come with a ton of different cuts, textures, patterns, and colors to fit your needs.

H & M

H&M is another brand. They provide a vast collection of stylish bodysuits to Streamline your silhouette with.

H& M bodysuits include the mesh, ribbed, and jersey styles in various prints and shades while offering halterneck, V-neck, and one-shoulder options.

These affordable but high-quality bodysuits are ideal for a casual or an official occasion and you can even use them for an evening party as well.



Free People

Free People, the brand name, is different and unique. Likewise, their style is also different.

It is a kind of a special women’s clothing brand, one of the best fashion destinations for bohemian fashion that includes the latest trends and vintage collections for women who love to wear Bohemian fashion, a fashion style strongly related to hippie fashion.

Free People bodysuits are also more unique in style as they decked out with lace details, low cut necks, and high cut bottoms.

Free People bodysuit collection includes many styles like seamless styles for wearing underneath unlined dresses and sexy dresses.

They also have vintage-inspired romantic bodysuits to sporty one-pieces, every style, cute long sleeves, practical sleeveless designs, backless and even turtlenecks. They come with monochrome colors that are more versatile and eye-catching.

In addition to these mentioned popular brands there, plenty of bodysuit brands are available. You can shop them online or even visit their stores.

Are there bodysuits for men?

There is a common belief that bodysuits are entirely for women, but it is not true.

Bodysuits are no longer a garment that is on behalf of women, it is for men as well. As we discussed previously, bodysuits always provide a crisp, clean look for both men and women, and it helps to highlight your body shape.

However, men wear them mostly for practical reasons rather than as a fashion.

Some professionals like military men, firemen, police officers, athletes, and construction men all wear our bodysuits because they give more comfort and flexibility for their day-to-day tasks.

At the same time, men can have other fashionable benefits too. It looks and feels sexy. We can see a variety of styles and fabrics such as satin, mesh, ribbed, thong, and full brief like in women’s bodysuits.

If you wear a bodysuit, you don’t need to worry about them coming untucked like other shirts or T-shirts.

On the other hand, it is more useful for your daily gym routine. It helps to tie your muscles well. Even if you are swimming or even a gymnastic player, men’s full bodysuit is the perfect choice for you. Most of the sporty gentlemen love to wear men’s full bodysuit.

Sometimes, you may wonder that cannot we use a bodysuit as a special costume for a party, a dancing even or any other. Actually, you can. There is a number of designs available in different colors.

You only need to select the best one for you. In such a scenario,are one of the perfect matches for a gentleman.

It is attractive as well as can be used as a costume. It has an exotic appearance also. So if you need to look fancier with absurdity for a sexy date or evening function, you can have one. Just feel the difference.

Well, at this point, you already got a vast knowledge of bodysuits on women’s and men’s. The purpose of wearing it, how you wear it, and the best brands to buy them.

Finally, we have answered for a few FAQs as below;

Are bodysuits flattering?

The answer to the above question in one word is YES!. There are many reasons to wear bodysuits for both women and men. However, wearing a bodysuit is the most practical reason to have a “tucked in” top.

As there are both practical reasons and fashion reasons, it stays tucked in all the time and offers a seamless look for you and your entire outfit.

Thus, this fit is flattering since it is your perfect top for high-waisted shorts, pants, and pencil skirts.

What is the purpose of a bodysuit?

The purpose of wearing a bodysuit may depend on your reason to wear it. However, the most common and practical reason for wearing a bodysuit is to have a “tucked in” top.

But the bodysuit has many practical reasons and fashion reasons. Yeah, you can wear it as shapewear, swimming wear, sportswear, or even as a contuse for a special occasion. In addition, it is one of the popular lingerie for women.

The best thing is that you can wear it for your casual trip and an office day.

Do bodysuits hide fat?

Of course, the answer is yes, but it highly depends on the type of bodysuit that you choose to wear. If you use a shapewear bodysuit, it is the perfect selection in order to hide your fat, especially your body fat.

At the same time, it gives a more attractive shape to your body by highlighting your natural body curves.

If you do for a full bodysuit, it is ideal for hiding your fat in your entire body and giving a better symmetrical appearance to your figure. Even when you are wearing a swimming bodysuit or a bodysuit used for a gym or a sporty purpose, it also can cover your fat. However, in fashionable bodysuit made of lace and other materials do not belong to this category, because it tends to expose your skin rather than covering.

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