Shapewear: All things you should know about shapewear to be fabulous!


Fashion has become an unstoppable trend and lifestyle. All of us love to go ahead with fashion. The majority consider age, gender, and several other factors before going ahead with fashion trends. There is a common acceptance that women are the most vulnerable group in the world of fashion. Ladies, oh it is not a negative comment, it is a compliment for you. However, with the rapid development of the fashion world and because of its versatility, we experience more innovative products that bring more attraction and confidence more than ever. Shapewear is one such product that now a day’s many women do not hesitate to keep in their wardrobes.


Actually, earlier, it was not more popular, but within a decade or more, ladies’ body shaping garments have become an essential garment. Many worldwide and well-established manufactures have developed different kinds of shapewear for women.

Although there is a variety of ladies’ shaping garments is available in the market, you should know certain tips to select the best shapewear for you. Each and every design is not suitable for you.

First of all, you should understand the purpose of wearing shaping garments; it is not for the trend, but most importantly makes you more beautiful with your outfit by shaping up your figure.

So, it is mandatory to grab more details about shaping garments and what are the most suitable types for you.

Well, let us move into the main discussion that what is shapeware, what are the types of ladies’ shaping garments that match you, and what are the most prominent shapewear brands.




What is shapewear?

Simply shapewear is an undergarment commonly used by women. It supports to shape up your body while creating a smooth silhouette and sculpting your figure as you dream.

At the same time, it highlights the natural curves of your body, especially when you wear a tight-fitting garment. Earlier it was introduced as an uncomfortable undergarment.

However, currently, it has developed and reached the next level by providing more comfort to the person who wears it. It increases your self-confidence in you and your appearance.

In talking about the material and technology that used to manufacture your sexy shapewear, two types of textiles nearly dominate the foundation garment industry.


Varying combos of elastane (spandex) and polyamide (nylon) are here to provide the amazing with the compression or the firmness and control while they are creating the softness with comfort for women’s shareware.

Since several brands are producing shapewear for women, they offer different designs in a range of compression levels. Some of the ladies’ shaping garments are for gentle shaping to firm contouring.

When it comes to the comfort and firm appearance, both the design of the selected shapewear and the outfit play a role to give you more outward elegance.

What are the types of ladies’ body shaping garments?

Although different types of shaping garments are available to buy, as women, we should have a clear idea about the product.

That is because if you are not able to select the most suitable and the best shapewear for you, it will be only a waste of money. Thus, the first thing you should do is identifying the types of ladies’ shaping garments.


Body briefs

This type is more common and you have heard this several times. So, the type is not a new one for you. A body briefer is shaping undergarment which can be used as your everyday panty.

The designed technology is advanced as It is designed with medium to high compression panels on the front, side, and back.

The design smoothens out your lower abdomen and makes it flatter. Body briefer can be used as a stomach slimmer also. Body briefs that reach your ribcage may have clips to attach to your bra for the purpose of preventing it from rolling down.


Shaping shorts

Like the briefs, shaping shorts have a high waistline design to shape the tummy, waist, and even the ribcage. At the same time, it can slim your thighs too.

This is also a commonly used one by women to shape up their legs, especially the thighs. It runs down to thighs and helps in bulging and jiggling of thighs; at the same time, it provides a smooth and firm appearance.

Shapewear bodysuit

A shapewear bodysuit is an ideal undergarment for all. Its design combines all of the smoothing goodness of shaping bottoms while providing a higher coverage at the back.

Then it supports eliminating the bumpiness between the bottom of your bra and the top of the brief. If you are looking for an overall coverage to shape up your body, this is the right option for you. Bodysuits come with bra cups or without it.

Shaping slips / half-slips

If you are looking for the best shaping garment, but you are not a fan of shorts, shaping slips or the half slips is the most suitable option for you.

This is an alternative shapewear for women who do not like shortie bodysuits. However, the design provides better coverage all the way down to the thigh.

This is more comfortable for ladies as it allows you to go to the toilet without needing to undress like other ladies shaping garments.

Half-slips, or skirts, are available under this category when you only bother bout slimming your tummy and hips. It acts like a better stomach slimmer.

Control Camisoles

Sometimes you may not be familiar with this term of shapewear, but once you get the design, you will identify it easily. Control Camisoles is not designed as a single piece that comes along. T

he shaping garment has normally designed in the camisole or tank top outer shell. It has a built-in shaping panel, pads, and underwires in order to minimize flab and lift up the bust.

Of course, it creates your top more attractive to you and gives you a sculpture body shape. It is more suitable for tall young ladies.

Girdles /panty girdles

Girdles are shaping garments that can be introduced as a waist-cinching, elasticated garment that covers the tummy and hip bones.

We can see both open-bottomed girdles and panty girdle which fall under the title of a shapewear brief. This shaping garment entirely focuses on flattening the tummy.

Saree Shapewear

The name will be new to you since this not with our traditional shapewear types. But Saree shapewear is more familiar with the South Asian countries. This shaping undergarment works well with South Asian traditional outfits like sarees, lehengas, and even long skirts.

The design is special as it has targeted compression to smoothen out your upper part of the body; waist, hips, back, and thighs. On the other hand, this is sexy shapewear that lends a mermaid shape to your body.

This shaping garment is easy to wear and can be used in a long gown, skirts, and long dresses.


A traditional ladies shaping garment which comes from an ancient time, but now used as a women’s lingerie. Corsets are designed to make a woman’s upper body part more shaper. When you wear it your waist looks smaller and sexier with lifted busts.

This strapless shapewear is suitable for any clothing such as a tube top, a body-shaped frock or even you can wear it under your blouse. There is another kind of corest named Merry Widow.

This is also strapless shapewear and is distinguished by the characteristic center point at the bottom of the garment.

Since you have already got a clear idea of the types of shaping garments, now you may wonder how to select a better brand with a high-quality finishing while giving you the best result as you expect.

So, it is time to focus on the top brands of ladies’ shaping garments.

There are prominent brand names related to ladies shaping garments; SPANX, Heist, Commando, Maidenform, Yummie, Wolford, Rago, SKIMS, honeylove, yahaira and many more. We will discuss a few of them in detail.


SPANX shapewear is an icon in the shapewear world that has a long history of more than 20 years in the industry from 1998 and has still remained one of the best shapewear brands in the world since then.

As a prominent brand, they have grown and expanded in every area with the largest collections of shapewear on the market.

SPANX shapewear’s first product was footless, body-shaping pantyhose. Now, they have a huge variety of collections including smoothing pantyhose, bodysuits, waist-cinchers, activewear, undergarments, leggings, and everything you are looking for to shape your body and highlight your natural curves wearing sexy shapewear.


Sometimes the name is not familiar for you at once, but the person behind this is more popular, and you know her very well. There is no other than a celebrity like Kim Kardashian, who loves to wear shapewear and promotes them.

Actually, this is her own brand, Kim Kardashian Shapewear and earlier it was introduced as Kimono shapewear, but later the brand name was changed as SKIMS Solutionwear.

SKIMS ”s goal is to provide the best shapewear for women. They have a wide collection with different color tones like clay, ochre, sienna, umber, cocoa, onyx, and more.

You can select the most suitable color as per your choice. Their collection includes waist trainers, bodysuits, shaper shorts, shapewear bras, and more, targeting your waist, tummy, butt, or thighs.

No matter what is your body type, SKIMS is for all body types body shapes.

The best part is they are more comfortable and look great when you are wearing them. Most importantly SKIMS shapewear is invisible under everything while shaping your body naturally. The products always stand as sexy shapewear with a great stomach slimmer ability.

Honeylove shapewear

Honeylove shapewear is one of the best shapewear that can be recommended for anyone because of its unique and innovative features. As the brand itself introduces, it is a sculptwear, the next generation of the shapewear.

Their shapewear are exactly designed to feel sexy and attractive as it provides both posture support and targetted compression.

It always acts as a stomach slimmer, which is the main concern of women in wearing shapewear. On the other hand, as in most cases, the Honeylove shapewear does not roll down.

The collection comes with SuperPower short, SuperPower Brief, Queen Brief, SuperPower Thong, and Lift Wear tank.

If you are looking for strapless shapewear or a better shapewear bodysuit, or even a sexy body briefer, Honeylove shapewear will be your ultimate solution. They come with pleasant color tones as well.

Rago shapewear

Rago shapewear is one of the ancient brands of shapewear for women which was founded by Jack Rago and Matty Marchisella in 1945.

Being innovative and creative from the first day onwards, today they offer more than 300 silhouettes to suit every form and desired goal. The designs are more feminine featuring classic lace patterns and retro looks.

Rago also has a diverse range of women’s shapewear, including high-waisted leg shapers, shaper panties, waist trainers, and more. They offer high-quality and made-in-the-USA body shaping garments with unique designs.

They use the best materials and excellent workmanship to offer you a and perfect fit.

Yahaira shapewear

Like Kim Kardashian shapewear, SKIMS, Yahaira shapewear was founded by a celebrity who is a Singer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer named Yahaira Solano.

She needed something new as she was fed up of traditional women’s shapewear. She wanted something that would compress the tummy area and shape the buttocks without compressing it.

With the partnership of Bruce Moncada, a businessman she introduced a revolutionary body shaper. After extensive research, they developed and introduced a seamless shaper made with Bio Crystals.

The shapewear is unique and innovative since it has been proven to help blood circulation and reduce cellulite.

This is a turning point in shapewear technology. At the same time, Yahaira shapewear is extremely technologically advanced. Any kind of shapewear like body briefer, bodysuits, and others are available at her store with different colors and sizes.

How to choose the best shapewear for your body?

It is not enough to know only about the types of shapewear and popular brands. You should identify your body type also to choose the right one for the right time. You cannot wear the same women shapewear for every occasion.

If you are going to the gym or office, your shapewear is different, and if it is a party and you are wearing a long tight dress you need to select a suitable shapewear matching with your outfit.

On the other hand, understanding your body type is essential in selecting the best shapewear. There are five types of body types; Apple, rectangle, hourglass, pear, or strawberry, and accordingly you can select the right type of shapewear.

If you have an ample bust and a full midsection with narrow shoulders and hips, you are apple body shaped. Further, you may carry extra weight in your belly.

So, here are some shapewear options for you; high waisted shaper panty, High-waisted Shaping Capri Leggings, and shapewear bodysuits.

There are more to share with you!

If you have small-busted with a straight torso, slim hips, and long legs, you belong to the rectangle body shape. Most of the ladies of this group may face that their bottoms are “too flat”. If you are suffering from this, you can choose a butt-lifter Boyshort shapewear.

Hourglass body shapers can wear high-waist brief and shaper shorts to highlight their natural curves of the body because your hips and shoulders are the same widths and your waist is naturally contoured.

When you have a pear body shape, you have a small bust, slim shoulders, a well-defined waist, full hips and thighs, and a round bottom. It is better to select shaper shorts, shaping leggings, or body briefers to maintain your attractive appearance.

Finally, if you have wide shoulders, a generous bust, and narrow hips, and a small backside, you are with the strawberry body shape group. To look more fabulous, you can wear a bra-Less shaping cami or a shapewear bodysuit.


At the moment, you have got a complete and in-depth understanding of women’s shapewear. However, still, you may have some questions. Therefore, some FAQ’s have been answered below;

Does shapewear really work?

Yes of course, but it depends on your purpose of wearing it.

Most of the shapewear give the illusion of a smaller figure, and it provides a better chance to make flat your belly. If you need to wear tight dress shapewear really works in order to highlight your natural curves.

At the same time, it gives you a sexy firm look with a slimmer stomach. However, if you expect that your shapewear supports to lose your weight and make your body permanently slim, unfortunately, it is a myth.

Are shapewear effective?

Shapewear these days has become one of the basic must-haves for women, and therefore it has become an effective undergarment.

Ladies use it for party wear, office wear, or even just for a day out with friends because it can transform from your look and boost your confidence. It always gives you an attractive appearance with perfect body shape.

Can shapewear reshape your body?

Well, this is a tricky question, but need to be answered correctly.

Actually, shapewear can reshape your body for a certain period that you wear it. However, it cannot reshape your body permanently.

You can wear shapewear as a part of a long-term slim-down plan and even show your natural curves, but you should supplement fitness and have proper nutrition with a better workout plan to reshape your body.

But as for permanently reshaping your body or organs, we cannot recommend wearing shapewear. By the way, choose yourself a shapewear garment that fits comfortably for you that properly supports your intended goals. Always use it wisely.

How does shapewear work?

Here there is not a specific answer, because it depends on the shapewear that you choose.

Different types of shapewear work in various ways according to its design and Generally it supports shaping up your body while creating a smooth silhouette and sculpting your figure.

It highlights the natural curves of your body while providing posture support and targeted compression.

How can I hide my belly fat?

Belly fat is one of the common issues that women face, especially after your pregnancy. Even without having a baby, some ladies may face this problem, if you have an apple-shaped body type.

So, how to hide your belly fat?

Since there are a number of different shapewear are available you can select a better one which is more focused on belly fat; shaper panty, high-waisted Shaping Leggings, and shapewear bodysuits or even body briefer.

Which shapewear is best?

For that question, there is no particular direct answer.

The best shapewear for you is highly dependent on your requirement, your body type, and size. Since there are a number of shapewear from different brands, the one you select is not the best option for others.

It is entirely your personal choice. However, first, think of the outcome that you want. If you are looking for light control which is going with some casual dress or even your office outfit, you can use dome high waisted panty or shapewear short.

When you need to accentuate your curves, firm control shapewear is the best option which is made with supple, stretchy fabrics that move with your body. It will add subtle contours to your shape.

Finally, suppose you are looking for shaping garment for a special occasion. In that case, extra-firm control shapewear is perfect for formal, structured clothing like your wedding dress, prom gowns, evening gowns, and cocktail dresses.

But, remember that they are a little bit uncomfortable and difficult to wear for a long period of time.

On the other hand, when you are looking for the best shaping garment, you should always concentrate on what area do you want to boost.

Then, it will be easy to choose the best. If you need to cover your full body, you can try full-body shapewear like a bodysuit. However, most importantly, make sure the shapewear has an easily accessible opening for washroom breaks.

If you need to cover your belly, waist, or back, you can go for a shaping cami. In the requirement of boosting your bottom, you may select smoothing panties or butt-lifting bike shorts that help you feel better about your thighs, legs, and buns.

How to get rid of FUPA?

This is one of the common issues that most women face; Excess fat over the area right between your hips and above your pubic bone. It is called “FUPA” (fat upper pubic area). It may result from childbirth, aging, rapid weight loss, and genetics. Most of the women look for a solution for it.

However, wearing the right type of shaping garment may bring you short term results covering your excess fat around your belly. If you are looking for better shapewear for FUPA, you can wear high waisted shaper panties, a body briefer, or even a high- waisted legging.

But keep in mind that this is not a permanent solution.

In addition to that, you should follow a better lifestyle.

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