SPANX shaper & dressers review 2021: Shapewear, Bodysuit, Thong


It is not a surprise to reveal that most people out there use shapewear as their beauty secret, not only for women but also for men. The utmost goal of using various shapewear by the majority is to look fantastic with an hourglass look.


In case of your appearance does not offer you that chance you have a few solutions.

You have to get rid of a few pounds from your waist, tummy, thighs, and butt. Is it possible? Nothing to worry about at all! Shapewear comes in handy to save you.

These undergarments keep you looking good and make you feel confident about your look. Here, we are going to discuss one of the leading shapewear, SPANX is.

They are not an item that you can use to wear off those pounds, though but are simply clothing items to help you hide your body imperfections instantly. There are many brands out there that have carved a name for themselves in the industry.


Most of you guys might come across through the name of this shapewear “SPANX” via television, friends, relatives, or your favorite celebrity. With viable dress options, you can wear SPANX to any place such as a formal event, office, brunch, at the gym, in your studio, etc.


So, basically, this shapewear is ideal for wherever and whenever you want!

Sounds amazing, right?

While shapewear may have once been a part of some of the tradition, now ladies worldwide are expressing their love for these contouring undergarments. Also, SPANX is a favorite brand for creating a smooth base and helping clothes fit better.

A little bit about the SPANX founder…

Digging up more about the background story of this shapewear might be interesting!


So, what’s the real story?

Sara Blakely first time got the idea of SPANX when she was getting ready for a party, There, she realized that she did not have the right undergarment to provide that smooth look under her white pants.

Armed with scissors and her brilliant mind, she cut the feet area of her control top pantyhose, and the battle of Spanx began.

Focusing on solving wardrobe problems for ladies, the brand, SPANX was grown to offer many options such as bras, underwear, leggings, activewear, and more. SPANX has a special place in women’s hearts.

After founding the company, she has built it up to one of the top brands in the world.


The best part?

In March 2012, Sara became the world’s youngest, self-made female billionaire listed in Forbes Magazine. And, she is one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people.

And not only that.


Yeah, SPANX is a well-known brand all over the world. The headquarter is in Atlanta, GA, and has opened retail shops across the United States. SPANX is now available throughout the world in more than 50 countries.

Moreover, what we see is that SPANX is also conquering the world by believing in their mission: To help women feel great about themselves and their potential.


What are SPANX, and what is the role of SPANX?

As we mentioned earlier in this text, SPANX shapers are simple, lightweight undergarments that support you to control trouble areas on your body. Not only that but also they make your silhouette look slim, like an hourglass, and streamlined.

The clothing layers are designed to be thin so that they become unnoticeable under your close-fitting dresses and any other attire.

SPANX is naturally a brand of shapewear.

The very first production of the brand, SPANX was footless, body-shaping pantyhose. But, the company has now developed its productions from smoothing pantyhose to SPANX bodysuits and waist-cinchers, any activewear, undergarments, leggings, and everything in between.

As we all know, only a small number of ladies have a “flawless” figure. Even the celebrities who you see as the perfect body wear shapewear underneath.

But, SPANX makes it possible and effective for every woman, regardless of their body shape or size.

On the other hand, SPANX offers a variety of undergarments, including bodysuits, shaping panties, camis, and other styles, each made to target and enhance specific areas of the body.

The ultimate purpose of SPANX is to smooth out any bumps in the body. Be sure that your clothes fit just right and create a flawless finish without unnecessary lines.

That being said, there are three types of compression to pick from based on your needs.

Type 1 – Smoothing

These are foundational, base-layer pieces that create as a second skin to smooth out any body-fat imperfections.

Type 2 – Shaping

These pieces offer you extra compression, tightness, and a little extra firming than your normal standard shapewear.

Type 3 – Sculpting

This will give you a total transformation. This is the level maximum compression. It will provide lifting and optimal slimming.

Types of Spanx

High waisted tummy control shapewear boyshorts

You can smooth your midsection and flatter your backside with these butt-lifting tummy control shapewear boyshorts. These high waisted tummy control shorts are made from firming fabric. They will give a high but comfortable level of compression.

They smoothen and sculpt your entire midsection while specifically targeting your tummy and the waist.

This is from firming fabric around the midsection transitions seamlessly into semi-sheer, ultra-lightweight tulle material over the rear to gently smooth all over without flattening your backside or restricting airflow. The back seam of the shorts is going to lift and flatter your backside subtly.

Compression power slim latex waist trainer shapewear for tummy and waist

Instantly trimming inches for your waistline might seem too good to be true, but it can be a reality with a super-powered latex waist trainer. This waist trainer extends from your hips up to your bust while specifically targeting your tummy and waist.

It can slim your waist and flattens your tummy while also smoothing and sculpting your hips. This will provide all-over shaping support for your midsection and make this shaper one of the best tummy control shapewear styles.

Mid waist slimming waist shaper

Flatten your tummy without flattening your rear with this mid-waist boyshort shaper.

The upper part of this shaper is crafted from two-way stretch fuse fabric that firmly hugs your midsection to slim your waist, smooth your hips, conceal your love handles, and flatten your tummy. These are also known as thong SPANX.

Strapless tummy trimmer compression body shaper

If you are a curvy, small, plus size, and full-busted women in the market for comfortable and effective headwear designed to fit flatter your figure, look no further than this tummy trimmer high- compression body shaper.

You can grab SPANX shapewear plus size in the market. They are available in a vast range. S -XXL is one of the best shapewear styles for women. There is a wide range of sizes to fit and flatter the figures of real women of all body types, shapes, and sizes.


Firm control shaping half-slip/ shapewear skirt slip

Finding effective shapewear to pair with a dress or skirt can be a major challenge. This shaping slip has been designed to be worn invisibly underneath even the tightest skirts and dresses without showing any tell-tale panty lines.

Its seamless construction, no-slip grip tape, and adjustable straps keep it ultra-discrete.

Strapless mid-thigh body shaper with moderate compression

If you are looking for comfortable tummy compression shapewear that provides effective moderate compression for all-day wear, try this ultra-discreet and ultra-comfortable body shaper.

Crafted from exclusive moderate compression firming fabric, this body shaper can smoothen and sculpt your entire midsection, backside, and upper thighs.

It features double-layer firming material around your midsection and lightweight single-layer material around your thighs to gently slim and prevents thigh rubbing.


Mid-thigh full body shaper

If you are searching for full-coverage support from your shapewear, this full-body shaper might be right for you.

This body shaper extends from the bottom of your bust all the way down to your knees to provide effective moderate firm compression for your waist, hips, love handles, back, tummy, backside, and thighs.

Its special strategic seams create the illusion of a classic hourglass figure shape. Its built-in inner layer of microfiber feels soft to the touch and guarantees comfortable all-day wear.

Strapless bodysuit shapewear

Wanna have a mind-numbing shapewear undergarment?

If so, these brief panties offer full-coverage shaping, slimming, and smoothening for your tummy, back, and muffin top but feature mesh and lace detailing for an attractive finish.

These briefs are high-waisted and extend from your upper thighs up past your waist to provide all-over shaping and support. They feature graduated paneling that shapes your midsection to create a smooth and slim finish.

Benefits of wearing a Spanx


Since SPANX is tight and body-hugging it can create pressure on your muscles while you have worn them. This is a reason behind excess sweating. At the same time, they provide instant abdominal compression and supporting the spine.

No more muffin top!

SPANX and other shapewear really do smooth out the body, leaving you with a clean silhouette.

No muffin top, or extra skin at the bra line – Yeah it’s like magic!

Build confidence

Are you heading to a very important event or a gathering?

Squeeze into some SPANX shapewear, and there you can show off your best look.

Everyone has weak spots in the body, no matter how you tried. But there are ways to hide them. A body shaper becomes the most practical solution in such a situation.

It will hide the unbalanced parts of your body to give you a perfect look. So, there is no need to overthinking anymore or having insecurities about the body.

Tummy sculpting power

SPANX shapers comprise a bonded tummy panel to flatten your tummy and offer you a smooth midsection. Because of the compression caused by the body shaper, it helps to create an hourglass posture.

As the body is compressed, you will be able to achieve a better posture slowly, even when you are not wearing them. Consequently, you will be able to look slimmer and feel more attractive.

Pretty easy-to-wear for longer time periods

Since SPANX has a lightweight design, it does not cause considerable inconvenience. SPANX uses a unique spandex/nylon blend that is comfortable and feels like it’s barely there.

Pocketed rear:

No more worries about your butt! SPANX can enhance your body image and support your curves.

Side panels for ultimate slimming power without uncomfortable squeezing.

They have paper-thin leg openings for a seamless look.

This will look great under show-stopping styles.

Disadvantages of wearing Spanx

  • You might feel like you are fat. It may seem unreasonable that something that is supposed to make you look thin and feel better actually, it does the opposite. When you have to squeeze, shimmy, and suck yourself into the shapewear, it can make you feel anything but sexy, attractive, or confident. It is also a constant reminder that you wished you looked different than you actually do.
  • Some SPANX compresses the body organs a little too much.
  • As described earlier, body shapers compress your body muscles to give that perfect hourglass look. It literally tries to squeeze your organs, mostly the stomach’s organs, such as the intestines and colon. This does not look good at all if you wear too tight body shapers often. Health problems will occur eventually, as this is not like reducing fat naturally.
  • Some SPANX shapers give acid reflux.

When the intestines and colon in the stomach get compressed, it directly affects your digestive system. This will cause heartburn and acid reflux.

  • It will cause gas or bloating.
  • When we eat something, it is natural to feel a bit tight on the clothes.

Ever wonder what will happen when you wear body shapers?

The stomach has to compress not only the organs but food too. When they all get jammed in, the digestive system becomes unable to work as normal at all. This will cause you to get unpleasant gas or to bloat.

  • Sometimes, you will hyperventilate.
  • Hugging your body muscles tight for a long time will cause shortness of breath and hyperventilation. This is because the tightness of the diaphragm will stop your breathing functionality in a proper manner.

Shapermint vs. Spanx

This new company has had a new start in the world of shapewear items, and it is mostly known for their legging products.

The signal is that they understand the thoughts and beliefs of women, especially older women. They still got that fashion sense too. They do not need to hide their beauty because their bodies are going through aging problems.

Older women can still express their natural beauty through these shapewear brand items.

The main audience they are targeting is women between the ages of 30 and 50 because they understand that this aging process can bring sadness and bumps in confidence, which is normal but should not be a problem.

They are giving women endless choices for their body shapewear as well.

The main difference that makes Shapermint different from Spanx is that Shapermint clearly targets to focus on various underwear options and shapewear, but they are not manufacturing their own product line.

They engage with specific manufacturers who make these shapewear products in very high quality, and then they are stepping in to sell these items and market them at affordable prices.



How can I select my SPANX size?

Finding your perfect fit is specifically related to your body measurements (waist, hip, bust, etc.). So, your best option is to go with the sizes you normally take in clothing.


Do not attempt to go smaller, which will only create discomfort for you!

For leggings and tights, you have to consider your height into account. When you know your correct measurements, you can quickly go through with a size chart regarding Spanx to select which size is the best option for you.

Does SPANX come in plus sizes?

Why not?

The reason for wearing a SPANX is to get a slimmer look for your body. On the other hand, the ultimate purpose of SPANX is to help women of all shapes and body sizes to feel their best in their clothes and outer appearance.

So, you can definitely select sizes from XS to 3X.

Are there male SPANX?

Yes, of course!

The Company, SPANX introduced its first SPANX for men / male SPANX in 2010. During the initial stage, they started as a group of compression undershirts and then expanded to sell underwear and socks.

What color Spanx should I buy?

It all relies on what you are going to wear with your shapewear.

When your wardrobe consists of much lighter colors, you will want to go with a pair of Spanx similar according to your skin tone, and you can select from a variety of nude shades.

Other natural options, such as black and white, and Spanx even have printed underwear options, which can work under darker pieces.

When should you wear Spanx?

With viable dress options, you can wear Spanx to any place. Such as any formal event,  office,  brunch, at the gym, in your studio, basically wherever and whenever you want.

How you wear your Spanx is all according to your choice, but you do not have to think like you must wear shapewear to look your best. If wearing a smoothing undergarment can make you feel pretty and confident, then it is great! If not, also great!

Do what you wish, without being insecure and going to waves in the fashion world.

Should you wear underwear underneath your SPANX?

SPANX has a whole collection of panties, and if that is the option, it is your underwear. However, if you are still struggling with your mind whether to wear or not to wear something underneath SPANX’s Shaper Shorts, it is best to ignore it.

That is because the whole purpose of shapewear is to create a seamless line under your clothes. Wearing excess undergarments create more unnecessary lines. Moreover, you will not be able to get a relaxed feeling of seamless shapewear.

Finally, you will not be able to get the exact value for the money you invested in SPANX.

Is SPANX produce excessive sweat?

Naturally, a certain amount of sweat is associated with shapewear, but it will not be excessive. However, SPANX is famous for using lightweight and breathable material.

Moreover, they come up with new technologies to fight off these kinds of very issues. The brand also has a full line of popular activewear made from sweat-wicking fabric, which is perfect for working out.

How should I wash my SPANX?

According to the instructions that have been stated on the official website of SPANX, garments like shapewear, swimwear, and tights should have to hand wash in cold water and then lay flat to dry.

All other clothing and activewear can be washed in a cold machine, then either air-dried or make dried on low. When you are not sure, of course, you can have a look at the instructions that are on the label.

In that way, you can ensure proper care for each and every shapewear.

Do SPANX work?


Of course, the money that is invested in this shapewear will not be a waste at all. SPANX has the capability of offering you a lighter look.

Can you believe that SPANX can hide around 5- 15 pounds from your actual look?

Yeah! That is one of the secrets behind the growing popularity of SPANX among men and women.

Is Shapermint better than SPANX?

Of course, it is pretty hard to agree with this.

That is because both SPANX, as well as Shapermint, offer high-quality shapewear addressing the different aspects of the shapewear manufacturing industry.

Here’s the deal:

Typically Shapermint products are relatively lower in price than SPANX.

The Bottom Line

SPANX has saved many women and men who have absolutely no time to spend time in the gym by giving an amazing ready-made solution.

Body shapers or using clothing items and even hard steel accessories to get a slimmer waist, flat tummy, and flowless thighs are going way back to ancient times.

A long time ago, women used to wear corsets for this purpose. This has been fallen out of fashion because of the discomfort and health issues behind corsets.

SPANX took it to a whole new level by creating body shapers which are very smooth and comfortable. These body shapers are similarly worn to get immediate body shaping results, and they are much more comfortable than the old type of corsets.

Of course, corsets can only reduce the waistline. Now, you see that SPANX are pretty much-advanced shapewear when compared with corsets.

Not only women, but men also wear body shapers during workouts in order to maintain a perfect posture. It is important to be aware of the negative effects of the body shapers as well as how to avoid any negative effects on your health.

That is because it is unnecessary to go ahead with health issues in order to give your body that perfect hourglass look. If used correctly, a body shaper can build up the self-esteem and confidence of the wearer, giving them a nicer body shape.

We firmly believe that our SPANX shapewear review has been covered everything at a glance. If you have any further concerns, do not forget to mention them in the following comment section. We hope to bring you updates regarding SPANX in near future. 

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