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What is a waist trainer? A waist trainer is similar to a corset, but not exactly a corset.


It is more like a girdle, and it is a shaping undergarment worn to make your waist look sleeker.

It pulls the midsection of a person tighter giving the appearance of a small waist.

Waist trainers are made with a combination of materials to hold them in place tightly.

Hooks, hard fabric, Velcro, lacing, and strong fasteners are seen in these waist trainers.

Once a person wears a waist trainer properly, he/she can immediately see a difference in his/her waist circumference.


It is not very comfortable to wear a waist trainer, but as it instantly gives a nicer shape to the body, many do not mind that discomfort.

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Do waist trainers work as they advertise them? – Find everything about waist trainer!

Who does not like to have a well-toned, attractive figure?

In modern days, both men and women are equally concerned about having a nice body shape.

Many do gym workouts, yoga, and many other body exercises to attain this body perfection they desire.


However, as time is also scarce in today’s busy lifestyle, many search for quick and easy solutions too.

If we look at a few centuries back, women had used corsets and girdles to reduce their waistline to increase the feminine features of their body as expected by society those days.

Therefore using accessories or garments to shape the waist is not a new concept.

However, the methods used back seem more extreme compared to the waist trainers used at present.

Those days the corsets were too tight, and there was a significant permanent change in body measurements as women were wearing them most of the time daily.


At present, though the waist trainers are not worn that tight, they promise to give a toned, shaped, slender, and slim waistline as they did in the past.

However, they seem to keep some of their promises, and it is important to know that there are some risks associated with waist trainers as well.

Therefore it is important to know how a waist trainer works and what are the best waist trainers out there in the market.


How do waist trainers work?

People wear waist trainers for a few different reasons.

Getting the desired thin waist, flattening the stomach, complementing the outfit, and posture supporting are among those reasons.

Once the waist trainer is fastened around the midsection of the body, the wearer will see an instant change in his/her shape.

It will reduce the waist size temporarily.

It will effectively and quickly give a smoother figure with a defined waistline.

And, once you remove the accessory, the waist will come back to its normal size as the results are semi-permanent.

Corset vs. Waist Trainer- Which one you need to pick? – Are they the same or different?

What is a corset?


Corsets were a fashion staple for women back in the past.

A corset is a garment made using steel bonding and tightly fastened at the back using lacing.

It was worn under or over the huge gowns to achieve an hourglass body shape, which was a symbol of social status.

There were many health risks and dangers behind corsets, which even damaged the inner organs of the body. Read more:

With time women were freed from uncomfortable corsets, and comfortable styles were available to buy or get sewed.

Waist trainers use compression material like latex and fasteners, which is not as uncomfortable as corsets back then.

However, some use corset as a general term for waist trainers, but they are not the exact same.

So what is the difference?

What is a waist trainer?


A waist trainer is usually worn under the outfit, and it will only reduce like 1-2 inches off your waist circumference by pressing the abdomen tight.

Nylon, Spandex, and Latex are the common material used in making waist trainers while corsets use satin, cotton, leather, or brocade.

The fasting methods of the two also vary.

Some corsets also use steel bones, steel busks in front, and lace at the back.

Waist trainers have less complex fastening methods such as velcro, eye, and hook, and plastic bones are used to get the shape.

Crsets, on the other hand, are made to get an hourglass body shape.

It pulls the midsection of the body much tighter, reducing 3-5 inches from the midsection of the body.

What is your choice? Corset or waist trainer?


Therefore it is clear that these two accessories have two different purposes.

Corsets make a drastic difference in waist appearance, and they are more effective in giving a permanent result out of waist training.

Waist trainers’ major purpose is to give a slim and slender body shape instantly, and they are worn under the garments mainly.

And also, one can wear a waist trainer while sleeping and exercising(though not recommended much) as it is less bulky in contrast to bulky corsets.

Are you also waiting to get sleeping-in waist trainer results?


You will have to compromise your good night’s sleep if you sleep in waist trainers, and it also can be harmful to your health.

However, there are still many who wear waist trainers in bed, but make sure that you are comfortable in them and that it is not causing any pain while wearing them.

  1. Read more about the effects of waist trainers on breathing here.

Waist trainer reviews before and after – what do they say?


To get a better idea of whether waist trainers actually work, you can go through waist trainer reviews of before and after.

Many reviews show that they have got the results they desired.

According to the reviews of ladies, they have used waist trainers for the following purposes.

  • To gain an hourglass body shape 

This is the major reason for many women to wear waist trainers.

Though wearing a waist trainer will not drastically change the body shape, it will give more self-confidence and a good feeling about the way they look in their outfits.

  • For better posture

Wearing a waist trainer can also improve one’s posture temporarily.

Wearing it too much can be harmful to maintain the right posture and can cause back pains.

Therefore it is important to use it carefully and accordingly.

  • Postpartum support 

According to the waist trainer reviews, many ladies have used waist trainers to support the stretched abdominal muscles after pregnancy.

Mothers who have undergone cesarean surgery have found much comfort and less pain by wearing waist trainers.

Are there risks?

If you use the waist trainers correctly while listening to your body, you will not face the serious risks associated with wearing waist trainers. But, is used incorrectly or for a long time period below side effects can occur;

  1. Unnatural positioning of organs – Wearing the waist trainers too tight will push your organs like kidneys and liver to unnatural positions. This will be dangerous for the functioning of the systems inside the body like the lymphatic system and digestive system.
  2. Can reduce core muscle strength
  3. Can cause difficulty in breathing – lung capacity
  4. Might cause rib fractures
  5. Can promote acid reflux

These are some of the common risks that can occur when waist trainers are worn too much or in incorrect ways.

Therefore it is important to select the best waist trainer that suits your body shape, size, and use it correctly. Read more:

Selecting the best waist trainer- what is best for you?

Body types vary from person to person.

Therefore it is crucial to select what matches best with your body when it comes to selecting a waist trainer.

Quality of the material, construction techniques, fastening method, size, and comfort of the waist trainer matters to get the correct results.

As it acts as a second skin on the body, the wrong size will make you very uncomfortable.

Consequently, you might have to suffer from many side effects as well.

There are many types of waist trainers made using various materials in various qualities for men, for women in various body sizes.


Do not forget that plus size waist trainers are also available.

Selecting a waist trainer for women will not be as easy as selecting a waist trainer for men as there is a huge variety to choose from.

To select the correct size, you can go through the size charts and size guide given by the manufacturers.

Different manufacturers may have different measurement charts; therefore, the same size in two different brands may not fit for you similarly.

Consider the following 5 facts before purchasing a waist trainer;


Incorrect waist trainer size can waste all the effort and determination you put into waist training for months.

Taking an accurate waist measurement is a must when going through the size chart and measurement guide.

Wearing a too small waist trainer thinking that you will get better results will only have negative effects on your health.


The type of boning used in the construction and the number of bones also used matters.

Many waist trainers at present are made with plastic boning and the more the bones, the more effective the results.

However, the waist trainer should be comfortable and not be extremely tight.

Torso length 

Taking the correct torso length measurement is also crucial to select the correct size.

That is because different people have different torso lengths.

This measurement should be taken from the base of the neck to the beginning of the hip level.


Waist trainers should be adjustable to accommodate the size-changing as the waist training continues.


The amount of comfort needed may differ depending on the situation in which someone is wearing a waist trainer.

A lady working in an office for long office hours or women using it in the post-pregnancy period may need more comfort while wearing the waist trainer.

A soft inner lining is a must in such a situation.

If someone is just wearing the waist trainer to get the immediate slender waist effect, they will not consider the comfort factor much as the above group does.

However, no matter the choice, a waist trainer must not cause unease in breathing.

How to use the waist trainer safely?

First of all, you have to select the perfectly matching waist trainer in the correct size.

Then, of course, you can wear the waist trainer a few hours per day.

In the first two days, wear the waist trainer only for two hours maximum.

As your body slowly gets used to this new change, gradually, you can increase the number of hours.

After the first 14 days, you will be able to wear it for 6 to 8 hours per day.

Always keep in mind not to exceed the advised maximum limit.

Many people tend to go beyond this limit, expecting faster results.

But it can cause adverse health problems in the long run.

Waist trainers are worn as undergarments, and there can be sweating while wearing them.

Therefore, it is important to keep them clean and hygienic daily.

The instruction manual will guide you on how to clean the waist trainer you bought.

Different materials may need different cleaning processes.

waist trainer


The Bottom Line

Waist trainers have saved many women who have no time to hit the gym and many men to keep their bodies in shape, giving a ready-made solution.

Waist training or using accessories to get a slimmer waist is not a new concept.

Corsets were used in the past by women for this purpose.

But, ladies gave up using them due to the discomfort and health issues it caused.

Waist trainers are similarly worn to get an immediate waist shaping result, and they are much more comfortable than corsets.

Not only women, but men also wear waist trainers during workouts to maintain posture.

It is important to be aware of the negative effects of waist trainers.

That is pretty helpful for avoiding any adverse effects that might create on your health.

If used correctly, a waist trainer can build up the self-esteem and confidence of the wearer, by giving them a nicer body shape.

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