Bodycon dress – Try out it with delight and feel the fashion!


We live in the 21st century in which the trends of the fashion industry rule the world more than in the past. It similarly controls the overall attitudes of society. The trends in the fashion industry fluctuate rapidly and frequently.


Sometimes some classic styles are heartfelt and kept for a lifetime in our closets. Some trends never exist for a longer period in the fashion world.

The early 1990s presented a new style to the world by the name of bodycon dress which became enormously famous and sales hit the roof. Indeed, this dress is still adored years far ahead.

You must be curious and doubting almost now in mind! For sure, the question is as follows:

Bodycon dress


What is a bodycon dress?

A bodycon dress is a piece of clothing that is designed to exactly embrace your body. Bodycon dresses are created from elastic materials that are destined to be figure-hugging, meeting the requirements to the outline of your body.

So this is simply what a bodycon dress is.


Now shall we dig a little deeper to find out the history of this bodycon dress?

Bodycon dress has persisted over decades of fashion. In the early 1990s, Hérve Peugnet; the designer behind the label Hervé Léger, presented the ‘bodycon dress’ to the fashion world. This term “bodycon” raises from “body-conscious” or “body confidence.”

As said by both these descriptions, these outfits were designed to show off a woman’s figure. The materials are thin close-fitting fabrics that effortlessly stretch through a lady’s shape.

Bodycon dresses modify the styles frequently. However, loads of ladies certainly do not seem to drop off this style! It is pretty easy to realize why, though.


Stylish bodycon dresses are one of the best outfits for women who want to get dressed up without pushing in excessive effort. Besides that, they are flattering and highlighting the curves of a woman’s figure just right.

So, if a lady is in for a date with her crush or just around to have an entertaining night-time out with her girlfriends, choosing a bodycon to wear sounds pretty cool.

Let us realize what kinds of bodycon dresses can be outfitted for diverse occasions and in what manner they can be dressed.

Bodycon Dress

A guide for choosing the best color of the dress

Black bodycon dress

A black bodycon dress is a brilliant choice for the office. It can be effortlessly matched up with high heels in nude or bright colors. Furthermore, charming bits of jewels, reliant on the look you want to accomplish can be worn.

A coat or a blazer can similarly complete the overall elegance. A black ribbed crew midi dress is pretty a fitting answer for both casual occasions and nights out.


It highlights your figure like a dream, expressively increasing your confidence at one go. Think through pairing a black bodycon dress with a white denim jacket to bring together a regular outfit that’s filled with charisma and personality.

A pair of white canvas low top sneakers looks wonderful here. Pairing a black bodycon dress with a white tweed coat is an astounding idea for a stress-free casual yet extremely stylish appearance.

Bodycon Dress

White bodycon dress

A white bodycon dress is very much suitable for nights out. Simplicity and stylishness can create together in a perfect white midi dress, which is the best choice for any event that needs a quantity of elegance and superiority.


A four-sided neck, midi length, and a delicate gleam will make the white bodycon dress stunning and appropriate for ladies who are hunger to attain a graceful yet dominant look.

Red bodycon dress

A red bodycon dress is picture-perfect for casual events. A red bodycon mini dress has been a fabulous and convenient dress that every lady would have in her closet at all times.

You can go for a red mini dress and get the chance to look stunning even in casual events. This close-fitting dress is suitable for each occasion where you want to look lovely.

The best of all is that you can pair it with different pieces of jewels, heels, flats, or even sneakers.

Bodycon Dress

Pink bodycon dress

A pink bodycon dress is appropriate for everyday wear. The pink color is an outstanding choice for spring and summertime, irrespective of the event. A pink tank dress is something you must choose if you want to look both comfortable and sexy.

Even though it seems modest, it highlights your figure and makes you look truly fascinating in it.

Pair it with your desired shoes and jewels, and you’ll be able to achieve the better of the world. Pink spaghetti strap deep V neck bodycon dress gives a tremendously sexy and feminine look.

A pink deep V neck velvet bodycon dress, paired with nude ankle strap heels and a collar necklace will make the outfit even more eye-catching.

Blue bodycon dress

A blue bodycon dress is perfect for open-air summer parties. Sunny days and tan lines can be flawlessly accomplished with a light blue bodycon dress. It is an attractive piece of outfit for essentially well-dressed parties.

This dress exposes skin in all the accurate places, and it’s pretty suitable for different occasions. Its high neckline details make this dress unique, and you will love it more when you pair it with suitable shoes, a bag, and jewels.

Blue choker neck open chest velvet dress is a perfect match with a velvet bodycon dress. This stylish design certainly looks decent and takes the dress to the next level. Just pair the dress with silver open toe heels and a silver clutch purse to attain this stunning look.

Bodycon Dress

Sexy bodycon dress

A sexy bodycon dress is appropriate for cocktail parties. If you are looking for a sexy and supportive bodycon dress, pick a black front slit bustier dress, and you will be astonished by your appearance. This is suitable for cocktails and semi-formal occasions.

It will make you sparkle and be prominent from the rest of the people. It is quite an exceptional dress with delicate underwire cups and a front slit leg opening, which makes sure you feel comfy and self-confident while wearing it.

A satin bodycon dress is also sexy and fashionable for cocktail parties and clubbing. A satin bodycon dress is an amazingly stylish item of clothing and quite a unique dress that will highlight your shape and make you look attractive, no matter where you are.

A bodycon midi dress as well gets a sexy and sophisticated look. A mocha midi dress is an outstanding choice for all the ladies who feel relaxed and confident in a fashion that is modest and graceful.

The mocha color carries a quantity of superiority. It makes this dress quite stylish and appropriate for different events in which you want to gleam and enhance your self-image.

Long sleeve bodycon dress

A long sleeve bodycon dress is an ideal choice for elegant parties and business dinners. A dress such as a white off-shoulder midi pencil dress is a perfect choice for every elegant event, including Christmas parties and New Year’s eve.

It can also be a pretty relaxed outfit for spring parties held inside or outside.

You can boost this formfitting dress with a pair of small earrings, high heels, and a mini clutch to highlight your sophisticated look and embrace a fashionable and smart style.

Bodycon dress


Plus-size bodycon dress

Bodycon dresses offer prominence to your curves. It is a figure-hugging dress revealing your shape. That is why most of the plus-size women are afraid of trying such body-hugging dresses.

Here we have gathered the most suitable ways of wearing bodycon dresses for a plus-size woman.

  • Camouflage the abdominal curves with a printed fabric. Do not choose prints that are too large. They tend to make you look heavier.
  • A wide belt around your waistline not only gives a slimming effect but also makes the belt ‘focus’, instead of the belly.
  • If you want to hide your mid-section of the body, cover it up with layers such as a well-cut blazer, a cardigan, an oversized blouse, or even a denim jacket which pairs great with a printed dress. It gives a more balanced and proportionate appearance.
  • An all-black bodycon dress is a perfect choice for a plus-size woman to become stylish. It gives a lengthened and upright look with the illusion of a slimming figure.
  • Similarly, a crop top with a slight skin show and a knee-length pencil skirt create the same bodycon effect in a classier way.
  • Side panels are always trendy, especially for plus size women.
  • You do not need to over-accessorize your look with heavy jewels. Go for a minimal look.
  • If you have rounder tummies, simply pick a deep neckline to divert the attention from the belly area. Similarly, a plunging V neckline gives the impression of height.
  • To overcome the problem of looking heavy and short, choose high heels with it.

Bodycon Dress

Long bodycon dress

Long bodycon dresses have a further tendency to look elegant than their shorter complements.

A long sleeve bodycon dress is ideal for well-dressed parties and business dinners. for instance, a dress like a white off-shoulder midi pencil dress is a perfect pick for elegant events, including Christmas parties and New Year’s eve.

Be smart to match the color of your dress with your heels or choose a basic pair of black or nude pumps. Grab a hanging bag to make it an outfit perfect for workdays.

Velvet bodycon dress

A good way to dress in a feminine way for a cocktail party or a prom is to wear a bodycon dress. It makes your curves look more obvious.

Even though bodycon dresses not sexy backless or having deep v neck cuttings, they do look a little sexy just with the skinny-fit cutting. You can wear a velvet bodycon dress if you are looking for more depth and elegance in your dress.

Some of the best velvet bodycon dress outfit ideas are as follows.

  • Burgundy short sleeve velvet bodycon dress is a very classic bodycon dress that we normally see at a cocktail party or a prom. Wear it with black ankle strap heels and a silver cuff necklace to achieve a modest yet elegant look. This outfit is perfect for you if you don’t want to get excessive attention at a party yet still want to look decent.
  • Wine velvet halter bodycon mini dress is simple to dress that makes you look gorgeous if you have a thin waistline. To achieve a simple and graceful look, you can wear silver ankle strap open toe heels.

Bandage dress

A bodycon dress and a bandage dress are not the same, although both costumes are made to fit comfy against your skin. However, the bodycon design does not offer shaping or any sort of support aimed at your figure.

The thin material is a little challenging if you are trying to smooth out your silhouette or shield an imperfection. A bandage dress, instead, is created with layers of materials that grasp and outline your figure.

The most important rule that is essential to follow if you are deciding to wear a bodycon dress is ‘confidence’. As the name says, a bandage dress warmly fits your body like a bandage.

Its name truly refers to the sheets of fabric that structure the dress and give it a different look and sensation.

The material gathers and aids the arcs and even bulges of the body and creates a smooth outline. The dress is close-fitting, durable, and even has the features of shapewear.

First-class bandage dress material comprises a combination of spandex, nylon, and rayon. They grip practically like an additional skin and stretch to form and highlight the curves.

Bodycon Dress Vs Bandage Dress

Most women still get mixed up with the difference between bodycon and bandage dress.

Do you think that there is a difference between a bandage dress and a bodycon dress?

The answer is yes!

When you certainly have no idea what the key difference between both outfits, data on the internet can puzzle you.

Most albums truly incorrectly report bodycon dresses in place of bandage dresses. To explain the difference, bandage dresses are very skintight and sturdy and they are fitting the figure similar to a glove.

Occasionally viewing similar to a second skin and shows off a woman’s curves in an attractive style.

Although bandage dresses provide bodycon shape, they change from the typical bodycon dress. Bodycon dresses don’t fit into your body like a glove.

Preferably, bodycon dresses trace your shape similar to a well-tailored costume. When comparing the fabrics used in bodycon dresses and bandage dresses, they are different in nature.

It follows that bodycon dresses have negligible material strength and fail to provide similar support as shapewear the same way the bandage dresses do.

Although anyone can wear a bodycon dress, they often are not as gratifying as the bandage dress and more demanding of bulges or problematic areas. They usually have very little elasticity and do not offer the smooth look of the bandage dress.

Bodycon Dress

Sheath dress vs bodycon dress

A sheath dress is typically a close-fitting, straight-cut wear frequently squeezed on the waist with no waist joint. The dress highlights the waist as its skirt portion is trimmed.

Even though the sheath dress can arise in various designs and lengths, it often is dressed with short sleeves and touches knee length.

Sheath dresses are usually framed to the shape of your body that brings designs in segments fairly all over. The vertical lines and the rectangular shape support craft a lengthy, trim form. A vital side of this dress to note is that the panel size deviates from the size of the dress.

For instance, if the panel fits diagonally the belly, just in the middle of the hips, it will appear that manner on any size from a small to a huge. As a result, plus-size ladies do not have to concern about a lessening panel highlighting their curves.

Hourglass shapes will love this style, as it highlights all their best features and pulls attention to their thinner waist. Long and lean and athletic shapes can rock this dress style too since it can enhance the look of curves.

When considering a bodycon dress, it is a body-hugging attire that does not outline your curves. It has a width and elasticity three to four inches around your figure. A sheath dress provides you a bit of curve.

This body-hugging frock usually finishes at mid-thigh to just above the knees and fits cozily lateral to your figure form, displaying your curves.


Are bodycon dresses appropriate for work?

As we all know, there is a time and place for every single dress. However, you may sense super-hot in a close-fitting dress, thus it is well-matched for after hours. If you really have the confidence to wear a bodycon dress to work, this might be the way to go.

Bodycon dresses perhaps are dressed at the workplace with just the right pieces. If you are wearing a sleeveless bodycon dress, then take a coat to make it a further work-oriented dress. You can wear pointed flats for ease.

On behalf of extra formal business attire for females, a pair of killer heels is compulsory. Curl your hair into a bun or in a smooth pigtail. In place of your accessories, a pair of pearls and a golden necklet will add a simple trace to the entire image.

Do bodycon dresses make you look slimmer?

Everybody knows that side panels are an attractive technique to create your figure seem slimmer. A bodycon dress with side panels on both sides adds the impression of a slim-fit. A collar similarly acts as a part in what manner you balance your appearance.

A dipping V neckline style you in a way that looks taller. The body lineation panels can likewise be an outstanding choice for those expecting to look a little weightless without the dieting.

On behalf of the heroics among us, bodycon is certainly an opportunity. However, it possibly will not make your appearance slimmer, reliant on the style, and cut that you selected.

To look trimmer, it pays to pick a continuous pair of slimming underclothing, boy shorts, full-body pieces that have strengthened panels to suck in your belly, slender your thighs, enhance your backside, and outline your waist when wearing bodycon dresses, tightfitting skirts, tight pants or evening frocks.

How to wear a bodycon dress with a tummy?

You can always wrap a belt-high on the thinnest part of your waist.

Though you do not want to draw attention to your tummy, most ladies carry that additional belly fat low. If you wear a matching belt at the slimmest part of your waist, it will highlight your trimmest area.

There are many ways to tips you can use to wear a bodycon dress with a tummy. Try out the following!
  • Cover-up the tummy, if you are not comfortable with your tummy. Select a wide sash that will have a slimming outcome and immediately becomes the focus of your dress.
  • Use shapewear that helps to make you look and sense better. Shapewear helps to compress smooth bulges, cover panty outlines, and feel extra eccentric.
  • The printed fabric is perfect for cover-up your curves. Just take a break from prints that are excessively widespread, which might make you look a slight weightier.
  • You can also cover up your belly with the help of nice-looking layers. Layers support to give you a further balanced appearance.
  • Choosing a dark color bodycon dress is great for a posh look. With a dark dress, you can look straight up and lengthen. It has a slimming outcome. Other than black, dark colors purple or navy work well too. Pair your dress with a shiny clutch and heels for an additional flame.

Bodycon dress

There are more tips…
  • Always try to choose the finest fabric you can afford. Pick fabrics that are steady enough to grip against fatter areas hiding extra bulges.
  • Paneled bodycon dresses with side panels are a lovely way to make your figure seem slimmer. A because it gives the impression of a slim-fit.
  • A collar or a neckline similarly plays a role in how you balance your appearance. choose a deeper neckline to distract the eyes up if you have a plumper tummy. A dipping V neckline makes you look taller.
  • Heels help to grow your appearance and extend your frame helping your outline seem slimmer. Wear whatever you are comfortable with such as pumps, stilettos, and even wedges. If you are not relaxed wearing heels, choose comfy platforms and small wedges.
  • Make sure not to over-accessorize. Let the dress be highlighted. Some limited key bits like a watch, hanging earrings and a grip are sufficient to keep the look classy.
  • Try your best to show off your greatest features. A tube top dress and even a halter neck will illustrate your gentle shoulders and collarbones. A great short length dress can display beautiful legs — choose one that highlights your finest feature!
How can I hide my belly in a tight dress?

As much as many of us love bodycon dresses, unluckily, they draw full attention to our imperfect zones.

Here is some advice on how to dress to hide your fat tummy.

  • You can use a purse or a bag in place of coverage. Simply wear a cross-body bag diagonal to your body or hold up a clutch nearby your belly region and you’re decent to go.
  • Use good shapewear.

Well fitted undies and a bra can get rid of bulges and tough lines. Avoid underclothing that scratches your belly. Indeed, choose high-waist panties or ditch the usual undies and select a knee-length high waist pair of tights.

This will save you from thighs rubbing, irritation, and harsh lines.

  • You can get a dress in a size bigger and modify it to fit you but make the belly area free since the attention is drawn away from your belly hence hiding the imperfections.
  • Choosing a body-con dress with a frill is a nice way to hide the tummy perfectly. Belts too are great for splitting a look and offering more attention too.
Can I dress bodycon dress if I’m fat?

Yes, plus size ladies can also attire bodycon dresses if you choose to. You can wear whatever you please. Figure-hugging dresses are ideal for the ladies with a perfect figure.

However, that does not tell that a plus-size should not dress them. All you need is a body-positive attitude. Once you have made your mind about wearing it, do not switch your decision.

Don’t restrict your wardrobe options because of what someone else says you should or should not wear.

The simple truth is that plus-size women too can wear whatever their hearts desire. Not only bodycon dresses you can go for bikinis and miniskirts too without being ashamed.

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