How To Measure Yourself For Bras?


Wearing the correct bra is similar to having the right life partner. As the wrong one would ruin your life completely, an ill-fitting bra would ruin your perfect outfit in no time. So here we are with some essential points on how to measure yourself for bras.


How do you measure yourself for a bra?

Picking the right bra size is equally important as selecting the right outfit for a particular occasion. But only some know how to choose the correct bra according to their body shape.  

We thought of sharing some simple yet important facts for all the lovely ladies out there on how you properly measure for a bra.

How do you measure yourself for a bra

It is straightforward to determine whether your bra is the perfect fit. Constant back pains are a simple fact with those who wear the incorrect bra size, especially if you have a plus-size breasts. Also, it is essential to remember that different brands also have slight variations in dimensions. A C cup in one brand would be the D cup of another.

It is not worth worrying about if your measurement is correctly determined. Another common fact to think about when buying a bra is to remember that the washing technique tends to change their size. The best thing is to know your bra size by measuring it correctly. It will make your job easier and ensure you pick the correct size.

Are you wearing the correct bra size?

How you know if you are wearing the correct bra is a common concern. Many of us need to learn about this matter. Below are a few simple points that make you realize if your bra is of the correct size.

  • Constantly Slipping straps
  • Bra that moves up when you lift your arms
  • Crumplings in the cups
  • The band that lifts up
  • Cup spilling

If you come across any of these signs, you indeed have an issue with the bra you are wearing. You need to get the help of a professional bra fitter, or you can measure yourself at home and change the bra ideally. Other than these signs, other factors determine changes in your bra. Loss of weight or gaining weight, pregnancy or nursing, diet changes, and exercises are common factors that would make you think twice about the bra you are wearing. 

It would be best if you had two primary things when you think of how to measure yourself for a bra; a tape measure and some free time. It would save you from much bra-shopping misery. Also, knowing your correct bust size would help to adjust your bra size according to the body changes such as losing or gaining weight and change of shape, aging, hormone fluctuations, stress, and pregnancy changes.

Remember, picking the correct bra should not be a guessing game. Knowing your size, you can easily follow the international guidelines for the proper bra sizes. 

How to measure bra size at home?

Here are a few simple steps to ensure you get the correct measurements. Getting it right the first time would save you from much trouble. 

  • You need to determine the correct band size initially. How you can do that is the next question. It would be much easier to get these measurements without a bra. Use tape to get the size around your torso directly under the bust. It should be the ideal place where the bra band should sit. Please place the tape leveled and very snug after getting the measurement, and round it up to the nearest whole number. If the number is even, you need to add four inches; if it’s an odd number, add five inches. Your band size is the critical measurement that would determine your bra size. 
  • Next, you need to get your bust measurements correctly. Place the tape around the whole area of your chest for the bust measurement. 
  • Next is calculating your cut size. You can subtract the band measurement from your bus measurements. You can refer to the bra cup size chart and your answer.  
  • Knowing how to size up and down is essential, so you do not have to worry too much about body measurement changes. If you need to go down one size, all you need to do is go up one band size and vice versa. 

How to measure bra size at home

Do you know how to ensure you have picked the correct bra size?

Here are a few steps that would make your job easy. 

  1. You can bend forward at the waist, slip on the bra, and hook it. You must ensure that the breasts are fully covered and in the cups.
  2. Adjust the band, and the back of the bra should be at the same level as the front. 
  3. The bra should be tight enough and tight enough. You can check it by inserting one finger underneath the band. The space should be sufficient enough only for one finger. 
  4. Adjust the shoulder straps to make sure that would not fall off. You can lengthen or shorten it.
  5. If the cups pucker and the breast bulge when you wear a tight-fitting garment, you are not wearing the correct size. 
  6. Your bust should sit midway between the shoulders and the elbows when you look at yourself sideways from the mirror. If not, you need to pick a more supportive bra with a better fit. 
  7. It is always best to pick a bra that fits perfectly when you hook it to the furthest hook, as the bras tend to stretch over time so that you can hook it to the nearest.

 If you think you need a tape measure to get the measurements for a perfect bra, you are wrong! Above tip will help you if you are thinking of how to measure bra size with your hands.

How to measure yourself for nursing bras?

It is a common fact that your bra size changes during pregnancy. It will be one size added to the regular bra size. But usually, the rib cage returns to the standard pre-pregnancy size after about one week from the delivery, and you can quickly return to your regular bra size. But make sure that the cup size is sufficient to accommodate fuller breasts. 

When it comes to nursing bras, they usually do not have much of a difference in size from a regular bra. But it is essential to pick the correct size and type, as comfort significantly affects body changes. In this case, you must be extra cautious when choosing the bras to avoid lace, underwired, or different padded bras. Accommodating the need to produce enough milk for your baby is the key concern at this stage, and the bra has a significant role in maintaining the needed level of comfort.

In general, many of us need to wear the right bra size. Bra is either too tight or too loose. It can have adverse effects during the nursing stage, directly impacting milk production. It is believed that the underwire can dig into your breast tissues and block the milk ducts, affecting the production of the needed milk for the baby. You can quickly determine the correct nursing bra size by following the steps below.


Determine the Rib Measurement

  • Place the measuring tape around your back and beneath your armpits. Note that the measuring tape should sit above your breast tissue.
  • Ensure the measuring tape stays parallel to the floor around your back. It is always better to measure yourself in front of a mirror. Do not place your fingers under the tape and exhale.
  • Note down the measurement you get, and if you are between sizes, round up or down to the nearest whole, even number. It is your rib band measurement.

Measure Your Nursing Bra Cup Size

  • Get the measurement around the fullest part of your breasts.
  • You need to hold the end of the measuring tape at the side of your chest and hold both ends of the tape in one hand.
  • Press the measuring tape between your breasts and into your chest using your free hand.
  • Note down the measurement that you see. Note that this is likely a more significant measurement than your rib band, but it usually provides an accurate cup size.

Above is the simplest and the most accurate way of measuring yourself for the nursing bras.

We hope the information clears your doubts. And if we also shared a few frequently asked questions, that would help you more with your concerns. 

Bra Cup Size


What should I do for gaping or spillage?

If you experience gaping, your bra is too large for you. You should go one or more sizes down. But if it is a spillage, the bra is too small for you. The cups would comfortably fit without gaping or spillage if it is in the correct size.


What could I do if the bra straps keep falling?

The bra straps can fall if your bra is too large. If they still slip after adjusting, it shows that you need a smaller bra size. Also, the straps could fall if worn out due to wearing them for a longer time. 

Changing your bra every six months to a year is wise, depending on how often you wear it. 

What should I do if the band is rising?

You could loosen the straps and check if it fits comfortably. But usually, this means that the bra is too large for you.

We have shared the most valuable tips that would save you time in money in buying the correct bra!

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