How To Wash The Bras By Hand?


The bra is the closest friend a lady can have and a wardrobe staple we can’t ignore. Taking good care of them would save your life in many ways. Properly washing them is a crucial concern. So let us see how to wash the bras by hand.


You must keep one thing in mind when you wash your bras. As the bras are different in materials and construction, you should pick the ideal way so that washing does not ruin the product. Below are some simple steps you could follow.

How to wash padded bras by hand

Though you think throwing your bra into the washing machine to wash is more convenient, there might be better options. Bras, one of the most delicate garments, tend to get damaged if you do not follow the care instructions when cleaning. So, the padded bras must be washed by hand for a longer life span. Also, if the pads are removable, remove them before washing them and washing them separately.

Here is a simple way to wash them. Make a mixture of mild detergent, shampoo, or soap with water. Dip and gently run them to ensure all the dirt and dust are gone. Soak the bras in cold water for about 20 minutes and rinse with clean water. If there is an underwire, make sure to tub the cups gently so that it does not ruin the shape. 

Make sure to wash the colors separately. Please do not mix them with lighter shades or white bras. Sometimes the colored bras bleed color when you wash them. So, it will ruin the whole lot if you wash them together. 

Make sure to hand them in a place out of direct sunlight. The sunlight can harm the colors; too much heat makes them shrink and get out of shape. 


How to wash sports bras by hand?

Washing sports bras by hand too is a matter to consider. The sports bras are specially made with different materials to suit their activities. So, we must take special care and precautions when washing them. And remember, these unique pieces need extra care as the shape and the stretch ability matter. 

Ideally, the sports bras need a wash after each use. This is a must if you live in a hot climate where sweat and bacteria infections are common. So, washing them by hand is the best way to protect the garment and its shape and form. Here are a few common tips that you could follow. 

Remove the sports bra as soon as your workout is over, and dip in the water at an average temperature. Do not use hot water, as it might not be suitable for fabrication. Most of these sports bras are done with a highly elasticated fabric to prove the needed comfort for the body muscles during workouts.

So extensive heat has a higher possibility of deforming the fabrication. Use a mild laundry detergent and rub it by hand to remove the stains, sweat, and dirt. You can now raise the detergent well with two or more cycles of clean water. You may decide the number of cycles depending on the need to scrunch it well so that the access water is removed. Direct sunlight can distort the form and shape of the garment as well as the color. You can line-dry it in a place without direct sunlight.


Please do not put the sports bras in the dryer or spin them extensively, as it can harm the fabric and distort the garment. 

How to wash Victoria’s secret bras by hand?

If you are a fan of Victoria’s secrets excellent products, here are some tips to help you keep them clean. Proper handling and attention to the care instructions are essential to maintain product quality. 

Like other bras, you can also use the same handwashing methods for this brand. Get a clean bucket and fill it with lukewarm water. And dip the bras in it till they are well soaked. Then scrunch it. In the next fill round, add some mild detergent or baby shampoo to the water and make the mixture. Now pop in the bras and rub them well with your hands. Make sure to do it most gently. Then rinse off with clean, cool water and scrunch to remove the extra water. Then you can lien dry in it in a place where there is no direct sunlight.

best way to hand wash bras

What is the best way to hand wash bras?

For everyone, washing our clothes in a washing machine is the easiest way. But when it comes to delicate handwashing is more practical and durable. Why do you say so?

Can your machine wash hand wash bras? 


This is a primary concern. The machine-washing process has several steps that the clothes undergo. Sometimes though, we pick the gentlest cycle. It can harm soft and delicate fabrics. Also, the spinning process could be better when you use it on under-wired bras. The bra’s shape could change drastically, and the whole purpose of the product could be lost.

If you have no other option with your busy lifestyle, you can use the washing machine with extra care. Use the gentlest cycle and the mildest detergent. And make sure you hook on the bras before throwing them into the washing machine. But if you use a laundry bag, most of these troubles could be avoided. Zip the laundry bag properly and then put it in the washing machine. It helps to keep the shape, and the materials, too, won’t be damaged as it is directly in the machine. 

Handwashing underwear is much safer than putting it in the washing machine. Though the process takes time and energy, it gives better results and ensures the safety and durability of the product. If you doubt, “should you wash bras by hand, “we think the best is to go for it!


The Bottom Line

Dear Ladies, these tips and instructions helped to clear your doubts and concerns to a greater extent. The information we shared will help you with a better washing process. Remember to be extra careful with your bras, as they are too delicate. Just pop it into the washing machine! 

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