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Leather leggings have always been in and out of the ramp. But it never really went out of fashion. The reason for that is that leather has a thing with fashion. It gives a chic yet playful look in a different way. Leather is also a material that any age can wear. Nonetheless, leather leggings have come a long way since the unwearable, stiff leggings came to being. Back in the day, leather leggings were only for rock stars and fashion shows. Even though high waisted faux leather leggings have been in the world for a long time, they only became regular fashion when people started pairing them up with casual outfits.


Black leather high waisted pants are the most common kind of their kind. But that was history. Now you have faux leather pants in many colors. Now there are many brands that manufacture high waist faux leather pants that suit daily wear. So, if you are someone who wishes for a slight edge on your daily outfit, you are in the right place.

high waisted faux leather leggings

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How did high waisted faux leather leggings come to life?

Faux leather is synthetic leather which is not actually animal leather. The usage of animal leather is not a commonly seen fashion trend anymore. But the feeling of wearing leather and looking chic cannot go out of fashion. Therefore, the fashion market has now started manufacturing synthetic leather. These faux leather materials make amazing attires, and one of the best ones is high waisted faux leather leggings. Leggings, in general, are one of the most famous outfits in the world. They are comfortable, chic, and fashionable. Therefore, leggings have come a long way since their inception. Along with the many evolutions of leggings, high waisted leather pants became one of the best-worn leggings of all time. They have a massive collection of colors, designs, and patterns.

Why are high waisted faux leather leggings famous?

They are famous because of many reasons. They are comfortable, fashionable, and can pair with a lot of things. Most people wear faux leather leggings when traveling because they keep them warm and comfortable. They can be paired with a variety of things to make them fashionable. Faux leather pants are stretchy and hence can be worn by anyone of any size. When there is a tight limitation on the size, it only becomes popular among that size. However, since these come in all sizes, they are popular among everyone.

Faux leather? What is it?

Leggings made of faux leather are not actual animal skin. They are made of nylon, Polyester as well as Spandex. The proportions are used to give a leather-like finish. They look and feel like leather. It has a firm grip on the body that feels precisely like wearing leather.

A guide to selecting the best faux leather leggings

There are many fashion brands that manufacture these because it has become a famous piece of attire. A lot of casual brands have now come up with faux leather attire in many colors. Especially when it comes to high waist leather pants, the waistband is made to make the waistline look slimmer. The material used in the waistband is often different from the body of the pant because the waistband is designed to give a firmer grip.


high waisted faux leather leggings

Spanx faux leather leggings | One of the most famous brands for leggings

Spanx is one of the most famous brands in the world for shapewear and activewear. Likewise, their leather high waisted leggings are also at another level when it comes to body support. Spanx faux leather is made of nylon, polyester, and Spandex. These three materials are used in different proportions when it comes to the waistband and the rest of the legging.

The reason for this is, Spanx specializes in giving the perfect body support while maintaining comfort. The waistband is not as thick as you expect it to be. But the material that it is made of gives a firm grip that meets your natural waistline. Since the waistband fits seamlessly well around your waist, the entire fitting looks picture-perfect in these leggings. So you can say bye to the camel toes if you are wearing Spanx faux leather leggings.

Thank GOD!

How do Spanx faux leather leggings feel?

Everyone who has ever worn Spanx faux leather pieces has absolutely LOVED THEM! There is nothing that can match the comfort level of Spanx. Spanx is famous for adjusting itself according to the wearer. Spanx faux leather comes in different colors such as black, maroon, olive green, metallic, and navy blue. And Spanx is a company that always considers all sizes, ages, and heights of women. They do not manufacture limited attire because they understand the variety of the market.


Another fantastic thing about Spanx faux leather is, they are not hot, thick, and stiff like other leather pants. They also have plus size high waisted faux leather leggings that even plus size women can wear.

Where can you wear faux leather leggings from Spanx?

Spanx faux leather outfits are excellent for traveling. Travel attire should be classy and comfortable. And most of us find it challenging to find the sweet spot between both. While some are comfortable, they are not chic at all. Therefore, if you are someone who wishes to stay comfortable during your flights with a classy outfit, Spanx faux leather leggings may be an excellent choice. They are also wonderful when you tour around cities such as sightseeing. The best thing about Spanx leggings is, they look fabulous in photographs. They give the perfect touristy look on photos.

Spanx faux leather pants come in MANY SIZES for women and girls!

Spanx has a massive collection of faux leather. They can be worn on mom-daughter dates, evening parties, traveling, and many more. Spanx high waisted faux leather leggings come in four main ranges: regular, petite, plus, and maternity. What does this mean? This means that EVERY WOMAN and GIRL can wear them! You can order them online or buy them in-store. The advisable thing to go about doing here is to check the available options online before going to the store.

high waisted faux leather leggings

H&M faux leather leggings | Flexible and supportive

Flexible and supportive! These are the two most important things when it comes to faux leather pants. Some people have a misconception that faux leather pants are uncomfortable and stiff. Yes, there was a time when leather was uncomfortable to wear for a long time. But that is not the case anymore. H&M is a fashion brand that is famous for casual and formal wear. They are also among the most famous affordable brands. They have unique pieces to sell in and out of season. Among their favorites, high waisted leather leggings are one. They give a more polished and smooth finish compared to most bodysuits you can find.

Here is what most people thought about leather pants, including H&M high rise faux leather pants

Some think that wearing leggings is not a good idea if you have a tummy bulge. Leggings are generally made of stretchy material, and there is nothing you can do about hiding the hanging belly. But this is not true when it comes to faux leather leggings if you are wise to choose the right one. First off, black faux leather leggings are good at hiding all the ‘extras’ because it is BLACK. Black high-waisted leather pants are easy to find because they are the most common color in high-waisted faux leather leggings.


Zara faux leather leggings and Hue faux leather pants

The reason to talk about Hue and Zara together is, they are famous for their formal wear. Then why faux leather leggings? Did you know that you can wear faux leather leggings to work if you pair them correctly with the right top and blazer? Well, the shoes matter too! But the point is, Zara and Hue have a fantastic collection of leather leggings that one can wear to work if they are planning to go out in the evening too! But the downside of these brands is, they might not have the exact size you are looking for. While they do have a decent range of sizes, they are not as versatile as Spanx. So, if you are looking for plus-size faux leather leggings, Hue and Zara may not be your friends.

However, the stretch and make are very comfortable in both brands, and they are prices very reasonable. If you know how to style up or down, these leggings can take you a long way. Hue leggings, especially, have a fantastic fit that gives the illusion of a flattering body. While Zara has limited colors, Hue has more colors when it comes to faux leather. But there is something to remember when wearing Zara or Hue. They might stretch over time and can run loose. Therefore, it is wise to get a size smaller. But do not forget to try out FIRST!

What about Lysse? Can they offer the same comfort as Spanx or Hue?

If you are not an all-black person who is looking for black faux leather high waisted leggings, Lysse is the one. They have AMAZING brown faux leather pants that are stunning. Well, there are other colors such as nut-red, olive, navy blue, and many more! But their brown faux leather leggings are the ones to go for! They fit like a dream and come at excellent prices. Women who have broader hips find it challenging to wear leather leggings. But Lysse’s faux leather looks and feels like genuine leather. Therefore, they are SO EASY to put on. They have faux leather high waisted leggings in plus size too. So, you are good to go! You can order these leggings online as well as purchase them in-store.


high waisted faux leather leggings

Wild Fable is your go-to faux leather pair of leggings when you want to hide the tummy.

Talk about waistbands! Wild Fable makes amazing high waisted faux leather pants in different colors. What makes them unique is their elastic waistband. It sits right around your waistline and gives a curvier look instantly. The Spandex used in the waistband provides comfort with the level while hiding the ‘extras’ around your stomach. They are excellent with wedge heels if you are going for a smart casual outing or with sneakers if you are going out with your friends.

Either way, you can dress up or down these fantastic leggings. They are comfortable and super stylish. The incredible thing is, they come at VERY reasonable prices. One thing to note here is, they are very stretchy. While it is good to have a flexible pair of high waisted faux leather leggings, it might also stretch loose over time. Therefore, when buying Wild Fable, you must get a size smaller.

Yummie faux leather pants are yummy!

Yummie has a fantastic collection of faux leather pants that fit all sizes and shapes. They also have workout leggings which are great to wear at the gym. However, you can find Yummie leggings online for all sizes. There are various colors available, and these ones are excellent for casual outings. You can pair them with anything and dress according to the occasion. But the downside of these leggings is, they tend to roll down if you don’t wear the correct size.

Outfits that you should try with high waisted faux leather leggings

There was a time when you saw women in leggings only in yoga classes and gyms. But gone are the days when women only wore them to exercise. As soon as it became a fashion trend outside the yoga class, many styles of leggings started coming up. Leggings have a considerable variety, such as cotton, nylon, polyester, leather, velvet, suede, etc. But since we are talking about faux leather pants, let us see how one can wear faux leather leggings outside workout sessions. First off, who wears leather to work out? When leggings came out of the gyms-only notion, faux leather leggings became one of the leading fashion trends.


Here are some pieces you can pair with high waisted faux leather leggings.

  • The best casual outfit you can wear with faux leather leggings is with a flannel shirt and a t-shirt. Do not forget sneakers or converse shoes!
  • If it is winter, you can wear sweat or a long-sleeved shirt with your faux leather pants.
  • Summer and Spring are for leather pants and tank tops.
  • If you are looking for a smart-casual look to wear to work, you can add a floral shirt and top it off with a blazer. This will instantly give you a business look.
  • Leather on the leather! It is one of the best combinations when you pair your faux leather leggings with a leather jacket.

Here is how you pair the suggestions to create a chic look with high waited leather pants.

Wear your faux leather leggings with these outfits to match your occasion.

Leather was once a rockstar’s outfit. Today, anyone can look like a rockstar! There was a time when leather was only for the night. But today, the world of fashion has evolved so much and has become acceptant of leather from a broader perspective. Leather is one of the very limited materials that can be worn casually and otherwise. With these outfits, you can match almost any occasion with what is available in your closet.

high waisted faux leather leggings

Faux leather leggings with a t-shirt | It cannot get easier than that

Leather pants and a t-shirt is an outfit that anyone can quickly wear for a casual outing. If you have a pair of black faux leather pants, you can soon wear a t-shirt of any color. You can even put on a black t-shirt over a pair of black leather leggings. The contrast between the two materials can give a relaxed and casual look. To accessorize, you can wear a hat and a flannel shirt around your waist. An outfit cannot get more comfortable than that. Let us not forget the footwear. Footwear is sometimes more important than the outfit. Didn’t you know that you can change the entire look by just changing your footwear? If you are going for a relaxed outfit, you can wear sneakers, converse, or boots.

Winter wonderland and faux leather leggings

Contrasting the colors with pale or soft colors is vital. When it is winter, a lot of sweaters and cardigans in pastel colors can make a great fit for leather leggings. You can pair your dark-colored faux leather leggings with a soft-colored sweat to create contrast. You can pair it with a muffler, gloves, and boots to create the perfect winter outfit.

If you had a cardigan that you did not want to wear, you could now wear it with your pair of faux leather leggings.

Black on black | Never a wrong choice

Leather leggings have a different look than normal leggings. We all know that black leggings are the most common type of legging in the world. Black faux leather leggings can definitely give the most casual, formal, and everything in between looks in one go! You can wear the same color up and down. Black on black has always been an easy choice. But were you aware that you can put on faux leather leggings with a black top as well? You can wear black on black in an evening to look cozy and fashionable at the same time.

Faux leather in Summer? | Why not?

On days that are cold enough for leather leggings and sweaters, you can always wear a tank top or a short blouse to keep the outfit casual. You can even wear a shortstop with a halter-neck if you are going out in the evening for a dancing night. Faux leather leggings look better with club lights anyway!

Business and party together!

If it is a workday and you do not have time to change up for your evening night out, you know your faux leather pant has got your back! You can wear your pair of leather leggings with a plaid buttoned shirt and top it off with a blazer. You can also wear a floral print if it is a smart-casual day at work. You can pair it with wedged heels or pumps to get the business look. All you have to do in the evening is, remove the jacket! Now you are good to go for your night for drinks.

Leather on leather | This is the ultimate leather outfit

If you have a contrast-colored top to match with your high waisted faux leather leggings, you can wear it and top it off with a leather jacket. When you wear leather on leather, you have many options to look either casual or semi-formal. If you want to have a casual outfit, you can accessorize with a hat and a pair of sunglasses. You can wear a beanie hat on a warmer afternoon to make it look more casual. Another way of wearing leather on leather is to pair it up with black heels. This is an excellent choice for an evening.

Accessories and footwear to wear with faux leather leggings.

Accessories are utterly crucial in making an outfit fabulous. You must know by now that accessories can dress up or down an outfit. Here are some of the accessories and footwear to go with high waisted faux leather leggings.

Hats and sunglasses

Hats and sunglasses always make an outfit more casual. But it does not tell you are unable to wear sunglasses with a formal outfit. Wearing a pair of sunglasses with a dressy outfit takes it to a whole different level. However, if you wear a beanie hat with an outfit, it is going to look more casual than formal. When it comes to faux leather leggings, you can wear a hat and sunglasses to make the outfit look more casual than business-like.


Nothing is more important than the shoes you wear. You must never underestimate the power of shoes in your outfit. The overall outfit will only be complete with the perfect pair of shoes. Your pair of shoes is the way that you will showcase the outfit. You can make your faux leather leggings formal with heels or make them look casual with a pair of sneakers.


If you are going to wear your leggings for a casual evening, you can overdress with larger jewelry. But if it is a semi-formal attire that you want, you cannot wear big jewelry because formal and semi-formal outfits always go well with delicate jewelry.

High waisted faux leather leggings for over 40 years

If you have crossed your 30s and think that leather is for the young generation only, worry not. There are many outfit options for the 40s with faux leather leggings. One of the best ways to wear high-waisted faux leather pants in your 40s is to wear a soft-colored top. An oversized shirt, a linen blouse, or a pastel-colored top can make an outstanding outfit if you are in your 40s.

high waisted faux leather leggings

Final thoughts:

High waisted faux leather leggings are the most versatile type of attire you can ever find!

As hard as it can get to believe, high waisted faux leather leggings are the best when it comes to versatility. It is stretchy, classy, and not pricy. This makes it one of the reasonable, chic pieces of fashion in the market. Back in the day, leather came only in black. As time passed, companies started manufacturing synthetic leather because wearing animal leather is not a practice that is widely seen anymore. With the invention of faux leather, it was more affordable for fashion brands to manufacture more fashion pieces with faux leather. Therefore, a lot of brands started selling faux leather items, and one of the best-selling pieces of fashion was leggings. Leggings have always been a woman’s favorite.

With the invention of faux leather leggings, a lot of fashion brands such as Spanx, H&M, Yummie, Zara, and many more, started designing their own high waisted faux leather leggings. With time, the market discovered that faux leather could be manufactured not only in black but in many other colors. The fashion trend took a whole different turn when multi-colored leather leggings came to being. Today, you have many varieties of faux leather leggings in many colors, sizes, and designs. You can pair it with a lot of things to match almost any occasion. That is the versatility of a pair of good leggings. If you have the right top, accessories, and attitude, you can pull off a good pair of leggings in a jiffy.

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