All About the Old Corset to the Best Spanx for Wedding Dress Designs at a Glance!


The journey toward finding the best wedding-day underwear is another whole story! Wedding-day undergarments are utterly crucial because you would not want to end up being in uncomfortable undergarments. The best Spanx for wedding dress designs is what we are going to look at today. Spanx or any sort of undergarment and shapewear must be chosen very carefully. If you choose the wrong Spanx undergarments, you are going to end up suffocating on your wedding day. That is why you must do your study well before you enter the aisle.


It is every girl’s dream to look her best on her wedding day. That is THE day that a girl gets to be the center of all corners. The bride is the light of the wedding.

best Spanx for wedding dress

Do most brides wear Spanx?

Surprisingly, yes!

Shapewear and undergarments have always been part of a woman’s life, even in the ancient days. If you look at ancient royal paintings, you will be able to see that women have worn shaping materials back in the day.

Well, there is a huge difference between Spanx and the ancient corset. But the concept is to smoothen the shape of a woman’s body.


First things first | What is Spanx – Where it began for wedding dresses

Shapewear has a very long history. It has been developing from the time it started. From corsets to bodysuits to leggings, shapewear undergarments come in many forms. They come in many patterns, colors, materials, and so on. The bottom line is, it has a wide variety. If we look at Spanx, it is a brand that manufactures shapewear. It is one of the biggest players in the industry as it specializes in shaping undergarments for wedding dresses. If you are thinking to yourself, “How can I hide my belly in a wedding dress?” you must know that Spanx has you covered. When they initially started, their first product was a footless pantyhose that brides could wear underneath the wedding dress.

Today, they have a massive variety of shapewear. They have pantyhose, activewear, leggings, shaper bras, panties, shapewear shorts, and everything in between for everybody. Spanx specializes in wedding dress undergarments because their materials are super comfortable. Brides prefer wearing Spanx because it offers the coverage and molding they require while giving them a comfort level for a longer period of time.

When it comes to undergarments for wedding dresses, Spanx plays a huge role because it is wearable and doable for a more extended period of time.

Brides’ best friend | How does a footless pantyhose do the job for a wedding dress

Spanx has become the brides’ best friend. Everything about shapewear is to smoothen the body shape. No matter the Size, a bride always wants to look her best. Spanx has won its place in the world of wedding dresses because it comes in ALL sizes. Spanx was born in 1998. A footless pantyhose was the first Spanx that circulated rapidly among brides. It gave them the comfort level they expected as well as the compression that the brides wanted. Wedding dresses, from ancient days, had a lot of demands. Brides would go through hell and high waters to ensure that they fit the dress, not the dress that suits them. Spanx was one of the inventions that has been helping brides ever since. Footless pantyhose is still one of the best Spanx undergarments for wedding dresses.


best Spanx for wedding dress

Everything about finding the best Spanx for wedding dress designs that can hide the bumps

Cellulite can make the outfit look bumpy. While we should embrace all that we are, including cellulite, one of the objectives of shapewear is to smoothen out any lumps or bumps that might appear from outside. If you want your wedding dress to give you the right kind of finish, you can wear Spanx and get the desired look. In Spanx, you can get three levels of compression, and you can choose from the one you want. The compression level also depends on the design of the wedding dress.

If you are not going for a body-hugging wedding dress, one of the best compression levels in Spanx is Level 1. It is a base-level compression that feels like a second skin to your body. It has the ability to smoothen bumps and imperfections to give an outstanding finish.

If you have areas to hide, such as the lower belly and back fat, you might want to choose a level 2 Spanx shapewear on your wedding day. It gives more compression than most normal shapewear and helps you stay comfortable and in shape throughout your wedding day. If you are wearing a body-hugging wedding dress, the best shapewear for mermaid wedding dress designs is level 3. It is all about sculpting and slimming to its optimum capacity. This is nothing like normal shapewear.

How to find the perfect Spanx size, especially the best Spanx for strapless wedding dress designs?

Finding the perfect Spanx size is EVERYTHING. You cannot wear the wrong Size in shaping undergarments and feel comfortable in a wedding dress. When it comes to strapless wedding dresses, the fitting factor plays a big role because it de shapes the body to match the shape of the dress. A strapless wedding dress needs strapless shapewear. When going for strapless Spanx undergarments, you must find your Size that holds the undergarments properly to the body. The measurements of the Spanx undergarments depend on your hip, bust, waist, and shoulder size if you are wearing with straps.

There is a big myth about selecting Spanx, a size smaller than your normal size. That is the first step to selecting the WRONG undergarments. You should never select undergarments smaller than your Size. It is going to make you feel uneasy throughout your wedding day, and NOBODY wants that!


The best bet is to go with your correct measurements. Spanx is designed to compress when you wear the right Size. But when you wear a size smaller, it will compress for sure. But it will compress more than necessary and make you feel uncomfortable. If you want to find the perfect Spanx size for your wedding dress, you must go with your regular body measurements.

The best Spanx for wedding dress plus size designs | Size does not matter!

Yes, that is right!

Size does not seem crucial when it comes to Spanx. We all know Spanx is one of the biggest brands for shaping undergarments. But today, when it comes to wedding dresses, Spanx has become stable! This is what a good invention can do! If you are a plus-size bride who thinks you cannot look the way you want on your wedding day, worry not! Spanx has a mission of catering shapewear to all sizes and shapes. This is one of the main why’s that Spanx is popular among brides and dress designers. Wedding dress designers often recommend the right undergarments because they know the dress best.


Spanx is highly recommended for plus-size brides because their products range from XS up to 3X. Spanx has exclusive collections that plus-size brides can wear on their wedding day. You have nothing to worry about now. If you like a wedding dress and you are worried that you would not look beautiful on your wedding day because you are plus Size, you know Spanx has you covered.

best Spanx for wedding dress

What kind of wedding dresses require Spanx? | The best Spanx for wedding dress designs.

It is very easy to compare wearing Spanx underdress before and after effects. But what kind of wedding dresses need Spanx? This is one of the main concerns of many brides. They cannot weigh what is more important, the dress of the Spanx. Some brides give more importance to Spanx than the dress. Some take the wedding dress more seriously than the Spanx undergarment. But they both are equally crucial. You cannot wear the wrong undergarments and be comfortable on your wedding day. You cannot also wear the wrong wedding dress and be comfortable on the wedding day.

When wearing Spanx under a wedding dress, there are many things to consider. What kind of wedding dress am I going to wear? How do I select the right color for my undergarments? What if my undergarments are sweaty? There are so many questions about undergarments when it comes to brides. Above all, the most important thing is to be comfortable on your wedding day. If you are a bride that is uncomfortable underneath the wedding dress, you must remember that nothing can be more frustrating than THAT?!

There are Spanx undergarments available for almost every wedding dress design. But the best Spanx for wedding dress designs depends on the design. For instance, if you are wearing a low back wedding dress, the best Spanx for wedding dresses with low back is what you should go for. You cannot wear Spanx with straps if your wedding dress is strapless. You cannot wear a Spanx bodysuit if your wedding dress is the low back. The bottom line is, you must choose your Spanx carefully.

Spanx and underwear | What is more, important on the wedding day?

This is one of the biggest questions of all time. When it comes to wearing your wedding dress, the UTMOST concern is to look SMOOTH. Spanx has different varieties of undergarments. From panties to bras and whole bodysuits, Spanx has you covered. But since they are shaping materials, some wonder whether they should wear underwear with Spanx.

But as a bride, it is advisable to wear limited undergarments because of ONE reason. Extra fabric means extra work.

What is the point of smoothening your body out with Spanx if you wear underwear on top of that?

That is what can be seen from the outside then. What if you wear underwear and then wear Spanx?

It gives extra work to Spanx, which might not deliver the expected result.

Therefore, it is advisable to skip it. But then again, it is a bride’s choice! If you are so used to wearing underwear, you might actually feel uncomfortable if you skip it. But if you HAVE to wear them, it is advisable to go for something very thin and smooth.

Selecting the right Spanx material for my wedding dress | Will I sweat through my wedding dress because of Spanx?

Wearing a wedding dress an entire day can be hard. We get that. Being beautiful and bridal through the day is harder. However, there are ways to ease the day with Spanx. Spanx comes in many materials. There are Spanx in faux leather, velvet, and faux-suede. These are not the materials you must select when you want to select Spanx for a wedding dress. For wedding dresses, Spanx has a special line of products that are made of breathable material. There is an amount of sweat associated with any undergarment. But Spanx has a lot of materials that addresses this issue.

If you wear a pair of faux-leather leggings underneath your wedding dress, don’t be surprised if you feel the sweat pouring underneath the dress. You must remember that your wedding dress’s material also can cause you to sweat. Therefore, you must consider the wedding dress as well as the material of Spanx in order to sweat as LESS as possible. Omitting sweat 100% is not practical. But we can try and minimize it if we choose carefully.

best Spanx for wedding dress

When to purchase my Spanx shapewear before my wedding?

This is one of THE most major aspects of selecting your Spanx for the wedding. Most brides do not know WHEN to purchase their undergarments. If you are not wearing any shapewear, you can go ahead and do your wedding shopping and undergarment shopping together. But if you are planning on wearing shapewear for your wedding, there are many reasons why it is vital to purchase it at the right time.

Bridal diets:

Many brides go on diet plans and meal plans before their wedding. Many want to reduce some pounds to fit into the desired dress. Therefore, if you purchase shapewear before you prep for your wedding, it might be too loose by the time the wedding day arrives. That is why you need to wait until you reach your desired weight and Size in order to purchase shapewear. Spanx is NOT going to do its job if it is too loose or too tight.

WRONG color match

Many brides wait for their wedding dress to decide the COLOR of the shapewear. But that is not something you should wait for. You must know the design of the wedding dress in terms of straps, back, length, etc. But you do not have to wait for your wedding dress to be complete to get your Spanx.

The right time to buy your Spanx is when your body is ready for the wedding dress. It is as simple as that!

Areas to look at when brides buy Spanx for their wedding dress

Most of us have heard of shapewear. And most of us know that brides wear shapewear. But what most brides do not know is what to consider when buying shapewear. If you do not know HOW to choose your Spanx for the wedding, you can end up going horribly wrong with your undergarment shopping.

Selecting the right shapewear can be a challenge. But it is doable. If you know your facts and where to look, you can be sure that you will end up with the right shapewear. Spanx or not, if you wear the wrong undergarments, you can be sure to have a horrifying day at your wedding. Do not underestimate the power of comfortable undergarments. Here are some of the crucial points to look at when buying shapewear for your wedding dress.

How to match the color of Spanx?

Many wedding dresses come in light materials. When wearing Spanx, or any shaping undergarment, the most important thing is whether it is functional or not. There is no point in wearing pretty undergarments when they are uncomfortable. Spanx is a brand that comes in many colors.

But if you are keen on wearing Spanx underneath your wedding dress, you must go for neutral colors. Neutral colors are the closest to skin tones. Since wedding dresses are very light in color, you cannot wear BLACK Spanx. One of the facets you must know is to select Spanx closest to your skin tone. The objective of wearing Spanx on your wedding day is to ensure your wedding dress stays smooth. But if your shapewear is not functional, you are losing the point.

Details are great, but not under your wedding dress.

We know that lace and pretty details are great. But they are NOT great when it comes to wedding undergarments. If you wear complicated, detailed undergarments underneath the wedding dress, it will disturb the design of your bridal dress. We think that that satin bows and lace designs would not show from the wedding dress, but the truth is, it DOES. When selecting Spanx for your wedding dress, you must get the thinnest material possible that functions well and does the job.

Laced undergarments are cute when you wear them with anything else but wedding dresses. Wedding dresses can put you in trouble if you wear detailed undergarments. That is why it is also wise to omit wearing additional underwear if you are wearing Spanx.

best Spanx for wedding dress

Backless wedding dresses and Spanx | The best Spanx for wedding dresses designed without a back.

Backless wedding dresses are one of the most famous types of wedding dresses. They give an elongated appearance to your torso from behind. It is one of the excellent solutions if you have a short torso and want to show a more elongated back. But if you are wearing a backless wedding dress, you should get Spanx to cover your waistline. The reason for this is, you cannot wear a full-body Spanx when you wear a backless wedding dress. Therefore, you can select from the big line of choices Spanx has for backless dresses.

Spanx is as important as the wedding dress!

Just because you wear Spanx underneath your wedding dress, it does not mean that only your wedding dress requires alterations.

Did you know that if you are comfortable with a ‘certain’ bra, you can stitch it to your dress and remove the belt and straps if you have to, just so you feel comfortable?

Likewise, you can alter the undergarments because, just like your dress, your undergarments need attention too. It might not be a glamour story underneath your wedding dress, but at least you will be comfortable.

Bride size for Spanx | Is there something called bride size?

If you are a bride that desires to smoothen the shape of the body, just so you can be dreamy on your wedding day, you must know that size matters. Which Size matters exactly? The Size of the body is NOT what we are talking about here because every bride is beautiful, no matter the Size.

But selecting your Spanx depends on many factors. One of the main things about finding the right Size so keeps trying them on a few times. Do NOT go by the book or the look. They can deceive you to an extent you cannot imagine.

Therefore, Keep trying a few or more pieces to ensure you are 100% confident and comfortable before deciding.

Some brides think that if they take a size smaller, they will ‘look’ a size smaller. BUT NO! What will happen is, your extra-compressed flesh will bulge out from elsewhere if you try to squeeze it too much. Squeezing your flesh and fat is NOT the reason why you should wear shapewear. Spanx or any other shapewear is there for you to smoothen out your body, not to squeeze it.

Right undergarments take a long time to decide on.

Wedding shopping can be hectic. No matter how much we plan, there is always last-minute shopping. However, when it comes to undergarments such as Spanx, DO NOT wait until the last moment. Even if you are planning to go on a fast diet a month before the wedding, you must start trying on a few pieces for a long time. The reason for this is, it will give you the opportunity to understand the materials and make sure you are confident and comfortable in them.

Recreating your own Spanx for your wedding.

We know that Spanx first came in as a footless legging from a pantyhose. JUST in case if you honestly fail to buy the right Spanx for your wedding, you can always buy a pair of fine-fitting pantyhose and make a footless legging to fix it. This is one of the most doable solutions for an emergency. BUT! It is advisable not to wait for this emergency to arise. There are plenty of online and onsite stores that sell Spanx in different colors, designs, and materials. Therefore, it is best to start preparing for your wedding shopping with Spanx included in the list. You can get advice from your tailor or dress designer on how to get the right color, size, and material of Spanx to fit your wedding dress.

best Spanx for wedding dress

Wrapping up: The best Spanx for wedding dress designs is the one you are comfortable in. No comfort, NO-GO Zone!

Spanx is one of the best and biggest brands in shapewear. A lot of bridal dress designers all over the world recommend Spanx for shapewear for brides. The reason for this is mainly their material and compression. They build Spanx in a breathable, airy fabric that makes brides’ lives easier.

Unlike some shapewear, Spanx gives the opportunity for a bride to smoothen her body shape while also allowing her to breathe. This is one of the indicators of good shapewear. If you find it hard to breathe in your shapewear, you are not wearing the right shapewear. When it comes to brides, everything matters; no matter how small one thinks it is, it can go horribly wrong on the wedding day if you do not select the right one.

Spanx has a long history of evolving and developing its brand. That is the reason why they are popular among brides. There are many designs that Spanx has for bridal dresses. The best Spanx for wedding dress designs is the one that the bride feels comfortable in. There is no other reason more important than a bride’s comfort. If the bride is uncomfortable, the money and the design will not do justice. Hence, when selecting your Spanx shapewear for your wedding dress, make sure you research well, try well, and think well before buying. It is a girl’s dream to look her best on the wedding day. Do not ruin it by wearing the wrong shapewear. While we know Spanx is an excellent choice, all you have to do is, find the right Spanx.

Find your color, find your Size, and you are good to go!

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