Get you a wrap dress maxi or any kind– The ultimate wardrobe staple!


Did you know that there is a magic dress that can make you look your best? It does not matter how old you are, you need this one in your wardrobe. This is the dress that saves your day, whether you are a corporate woman, a housewife, or a student! THE WRAP DRESS! It is not a trend; it is an essential. Wrap dress maxi can maximize your party elegance, while a floral wrap dress can take you to the beach.


Whatever the case maybe, a wrap dress can always come to your rescue. A wrap dress can become a girl’s friend. Wrap clothing comes in fashion from time to time. Wrap dresses also fall into this category. But a wrap dress can be changed into many forms, making it fashionable all the time!

There are so many reasons to love a wrap dress maxi or any other kind of wrap dress. This is a timeless piece that gives you comfort and fashion at the same time. You would not have to worry about your size, height, age, or anything! Anyone can easily pull a wrap dress off! Let us see the kinds of wrap dresses that are out there, why one should have them, and how to wrap them!

wrap dress maxi

Let us start with the basics | What is a wrap dress maxi?

A maxi dress is known for its length. A Maxi dress is usually made of breathable material that gives comfort while giving elegance. You can wear maxi dresses to an evening, casual party as well. But what is a wrap dress maxi? It is a maxi dress that you can wrap around.

In the early 1970s, a fashion designer named Diane Von Furstenberg came up with the concept of the wrap dress. This is one of the simplest dress designs to ever see the world. It comprises of three panels: Outer panel, inner panel, and a belt to fasten the two panels. This is one of the only kind of fashion that follows your body’s shape. It has an amazing ability to contour and highlight the body in the right places. That is the reason it looks amazing on all body types! Do wrap dresses make you look fat? You’ve gotten the answer! For instance, if you are looking for a plus size wrap dress maxi, you can fit in it the same way any other girl would.

The dress is made in a way that you can accessorize depending on the occasion. Is it a director’s meeting or is it a beach party? You can simply change the shoes and accessories and fit in. A wrap dress is an allrounder and has become a staple in a girl’s wardrobe.


The initial wrap around dress | This is what it initially looked like

When wrap dresses initially came to the world, they came in long sleeved V-neck and knee-length. Today, we have wrap dress maxi which are long dresses too. The wrap dress has undergone several modifications and has evolved many times. It has been identified as women empowerment and as a sign of femininity. The wrap dress has a history over forty years and yet, is a talk of the town in every fashion street! Needless to say, that wrap dresses now come in all kinds of styles such as maxi, short, summer prints, bold colors, etc.

What is a maxi wrap dress and how does it fit in a capsule wardrobe?

Every woman has a capsule wardrobe that does not change according to the season. It is the center of a woman’s clothing collection that stays encapsulated no matter the ongoing season, both fashion and weather! Times may change and trends may fade, but a woman’s capsule wardrobe will remain the same. The term ‘capsule’ wardrobe denotes that a woman would never run out of fashion. This wardrobe encompasses clothing items that you can mix and match at any time!

If we talk about the relationship between a capsule wardrobe and a wrap dress, it is inevitable! A wrap dress ‘wraps’ up the capsule wardrobe. If you invest on a few wrap dress maxi and other kinds, you are investing on something long term. If you plan on building a capsule wardrobe, it is wise to start with a few wrap dresses. Now, when it comes to wrap dresses, you might want dresses in different lengths and materials, to fit in different occasions.

How can a wrap dress make your capsule wardrobe complete?

Whether you have a collection in your capsule wardrobe or not, having a wrap dress creates one anyway! It has become a must-have essential in a girl’s closet. If you do not have a wrap dress until now, there are plenty of reasons why you should invest in one. There are many reasons to love the dress too!


How to put on a maxi wrap dress and all the reasons to love it.

There are many reasons to love a wrap dress. A wrap dress can flaunt your curves and give you a polished or a party look, both at the same time. Here are some of the main reasons why a woman should have a wrap dress in her wardrobe collection.

You can wear a wrap dress ANYWHERE!

Sunday through Saturday, Morning through night, you can wear a wrap dress anywhere. Is it work? A wrap dress has you covered. Is it a party after work? You can just change your shoes and accessories and hop on with your wrap dress. Is it a country event? Pair it with a hat and you are good to go! The beautiful thing about wrap dresses is, you can dress up or dress down a wrap dress. You can wear it plain or accessorize any way you want. There is hardly any place that you cannot wear this piece. You can dress it up with heels and a pair of classy earrings and you are good to go! You can also dress it down with a denim jacket and a hat for a causal outing. But if you are always dressing up, a good suggestion is a silk wrap dress.

Always making it to the ramp!

A wrap dress always makes it to the ramp. Any style of clothing leaves the fashion industry after a season. It may come again with a few modifications. But a wrap dress has always been consistent. It is a style that has been around for over four decades. That makes the wrap dress more than just a fashion trend. It has an establish status as a classic piece of wardrobe today. That is why a wrap dress is always relevant. It can make you ‘feel’ beautiful effortlessly.

wrap dress maxi

Fits every shape!

The best thing about wrap dresses is, it fits you no matter the size! For instance, if you want to know how to wear wrap dress maxi, you can rest assured that the dress will fit you no matter what! One of the main reasons why a wrap dress remains in a wardrobe for a long time is, even if you weigh changes over time, the wrap dress will still fit you because you can wrap it accordingly.

A wrap dress will fit you whether you are curvy, tall, or straight. The specialty of a wrap dress is, the dress grows on shrinks with you. Since you can wrap the skirt around, you can wrap it as tightly or as loosely as you want. Most of the wrap dresses come with a side tie. Hence, you can fit in a few extra inches and still wear the dress. When we say it fits every shape, it literally does! You can even use it as a maternity dress.


You can accessorize it any way you like.

There are many kinds of wrap dresses in the world. You can accessorize and style wrap dresses any way you want. Whether it is wedges, heels, boots, or slippers, you can style a wrap dress any way you like. Another way you can style or accessorize a wrap dress is to wear a jacket or a shawl. You can change the outlook of the dress by putting a denim jacket on, or wearing it as a beach dress.

A wrap dress is for all ages!

From a teenager to an elderly woman, a wrap dress is always the rescue. There is something about the wrap dress. It follows the wearer’s body and personality. No matter the age, when a woman wears a wrap dress, the dress follows the age and personality of the wearer. It is not the other way round. That is why a wrap dress is essential in all wardrobes because it is for all ages. You can alter or modify the sleeves and length of the wrap dress if you think you need more coverage.

In and out of seasons!

Wrap dress is for all seasons. You can wear a wrap dress in summer, spring, and even in winter. In winter, you may have to cover yourself with other winter attire. But the idea is, a wrap dress is for all year round. If you are into wrap dresses, you can differentiate the wrap dress in colors. You can add more prints and florals during summer and winter and have bold colors through winter. In summertime, you can have light materials to pair with cardigans or small jackets. You can even use it as a beach cover-up. You can wear it over your swimsuit and quickly take off when you want to dip in water.


It is a long-term investment

You can always count on a wrap dress to do justice to the price you pay for it. The beautiful thing about wrap dresses is it can stay in your wardrobe for the longest time you want. Usually, wrap dresses are made of low-maintenance materials. These materials are easy to wash, easy to travel with and apt for frequent usage. Therefore, it makes a worthy long-term investment in your wardrobe. If you are looking to form a capsule wardrobe, it is always advisable to start off with a wrap dress.

A wrap dress for a curvier contouring

Wrap dresses give a curvy silhouette. Most women want to hide some areas, especially the mid-section. A wrap dress can contour the waistline and give a curvier outlook. You can conceal the love handles and look the way you have always wanted to look. If you choose the right print and color, you can pull off any wrap dress easily. The main idea behind a wrap dress is to make it a great fit for all shapes. It gives the illusion of a curvier waistline.

The wrap dress is the ultimate comfortable dress

A wrap dress has a minimalist concept. It does not have buttons, zipper, or any hard material. It only has the cloth. Therefore, it is the ultimate comfortable dress of all time. You can slip it on and feel beautiful as well as extremely comfortable.

How to tie a wrap dress | Learn to dress this easy dress to flatter your curves!

There are many styles when it comes to wrap dresses. You can find various ways of tying a wrap dress. The most common wrap dress comes with two strings/ belts attached to the slits. These strings or belts are usually made of the same material as the dress. You must know how to wear it properly, in order to feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Here are the simple steps to tie a wrap dress properly.

Step by step process to tie the wrap dress perfectly.

Step One:

Wear one sleeve at a time, like how you would wear a coat or a jacket. Let the dress hang down naturally. Then place the dress rightly for the side seams to sit along both sides of your body.

Step Two:

The next step is to wrap the left side of your body. This will cover most part of your chest. You have to wrap it by pulling it against your body. Pull it and wrap it at the length you are comfortable.

Step Three:

The third step is to open the dress from the inside of the right side and find the loop or the hole. The hole or loop will be on the left or right side, depending on your dress. But since we are talking about pulling it from the left side first, the loop is on the right side. The side you are pulling (in this case, the left side first) will have a longer string. You have to pull the string through the hole.

Step Four:

Once you pull the string out of the hole, you must adjust the dress before tying it. You can then, pull up the neckline until it is at a comfortable length and bring the pulled string to meet the other string.

Step Five:

You can now tie the two strings together. You must ensure to do a double knot to secure the shape of the dress.

The best wrap dresses 2021 | The wrap dress styles in-store now!

We have established all the reasons why we should have a wrap dress in the wardrobe. Now it is the time to select the best wrap dress. What is the style that you want? There are ample of styles when it comes to wrap dress maxi and other dresses. Whether you want to travel or wear it for an evening, there is something for you out there. Here are some of the best styles we have in stores!

The formal wrap dress | The office CHIC!

Well! The truth is formal wrap dresses mostly come in bold colors. You can wear this solid wrap dress and pull it off to a board meeting and look sharp! They often have long or three-quarter sleeves to fit in a corporate environment. But you can dress it down and wear these types of wrap dresses to casual events too. The shoes you wear will do the needful.

The all-time favorite | The floral wrap dress

The floral wrap dress is the most common kind of wrap dresses. These prints give a summer vibe and are ideal for casual outings. Even though a lot of women wear floral wrap dresses in the mornings and afternoons, if you have bolder prints, you can wear them in the evenings as well. If you have a floral wrap dress that suits mornings, you can wear a darker color jacket and accessorize with evening jewelry and wear it in the evenings too.

The romantic 100% silk wrap dress

Silk attire is a must-have in a romantic atmosphere. If you are out on a date with your partner for a candlelight dinner, a silk maxi wrap dress will be an easy, comfortable option. It will give you the chic finish while keeping you comfortable through the evening.

Summer Vibes! | summer wrap dress

Summer vibes are always colorful. Wrap dresses come in bold, bright prints that are apt for summertime. Girls who plan on going out a lot in summer can enjoy a wrap dress in all its comfort. Wrap dresses that are made for summertime is always made of comfortable material because the weather is hot. You will find the floral wrap dress in summer and spring sales because it reminds us of nature.

Did you know that the short wrap dress existed?

Did you think only long and knee-length wrap dresses existed? There are short wrap dresses too! You can pair a short wrap dress with a pair of high boots if you are going for an evening outing. You can also pair a short wrap dress with a hat and make it look funky and stylish. This style is a casual wrap dress that you can wear out, mostly in the evenings.

Sleeveless wrap dress for a casual time

You can also find sleeveless wrap dresses that you can wear out for casual evenings. If you want more coverage, you can always top it off with a jacket to keep you warm. A sleeveless wrap dress gives a playful and youthful look and any body type can pull it off.

wrap dress maxi

Final thoughts

Wrap dress is a style that has been on trend for over forty years. For so many reasons, the wrap dress has been in style and it is not about to leave yet! It is a versatile design that can suit almost any occasion. You can wear it to a party, meeting, dinner, and anything you name! The versatility of this dress has been it a staple item in a woman’s wardrobe. Today, the wrap dress comes in many forms, colors, and patterns to fit every occasion. You can find wrap dresses in many lengths and designs. The amazing part of the wrap dress is that you can accessorize it any way you like. You can dress it up or down using accessories and additional clothing.

With the evolution of the fashion industry came the concept of the capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is the center of a woman’s wardrobe that does not change with time. In other words, here you find the long-term investments. The wrap dress is an essential part of the capsule wardrobe. You can wear a wrap dress despite the weight changes and weather changes. It ensures to give you the best curves in the right places. Therefore, wrap dresses have occupied a big piece in the wardrobe world! If you do not have a wrap dress yet, you now know why you need one in your life. It can come to the rescue at any time you need it! Therefore, get yourself a wrap dress maxi, or any other type of wrap dress. It will make your wardrobe complete. It will also ensure that you have a dress to wear for any occasion!

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