Plus size bridal shapewear for every curvy girl | With buying tips!


It is every girl’s dream to look the best on her wedding day. When it comes to undergarments for a bride, shapewear takes the top-most place. The size does not matter when it comes to shapewear. Brides wear shapewear to keep the dress aligned to its shape. So, no matter the size, you will need shapewear underneath the wedding dress. If you are a curvy bride and wondering whether you will find the most suitable shapewear, worry no more! Plus size bridal shapewear comes in many colors, shapes, sizes, and designs.


All you need to do is find the right design and color based on your wedding gown!

Plus size bridal shapewear

You can wear your dream wedding gown with plus-size shapewear!

Without a doubt, a lot of girls worry about ill-fitting into their wedding dresses. That is why most brides go on high-burn workouts and diets when preparing for their weddings. While working out and keeping fit is amazing, you should not worry about not being able to fit into your dream dress on your wedding day. Many think that curvy brides have a limited choice of designs. But it is far from the truth. If you match the right color, size, and design of bridal plus size shapewear, you can pull it off! Here is your go-to guide to finding the most perfect plus size shapewear for your wedding day!

First step: Do your research on plus size wedding shapewear?

“Do I need to wear shapewear under wedding dress?” This is something that most of us wonder about when it comes to wedding dresses. Well, wearing a plus size bridal shapewear is entirely your choice. But wearing one will ensure your dress keeps its shape. Doing your own research and finding information goes a long way.

One of the best ways to do your research on the best plus size bridal shapewear is to read the reviews of previous customers. It is advisable to choose shapewear that has a comfortable blend of material. You would not want to be hot and sweaty on your wedding day. Therefore, choosing the right color, material, and shape is crucial. You can get a wider understanding just by reading the reviews on the platforms you are planning to buy from.

Know the correct measurement for the best plus size shapewear for a wedding dress

You must always know the measurement of your hips, bust, and waist. These are important measurements to know when buying a plus size bridal shapewear. Online platforms have their designer’s size chart. You cannot always go by the usual size you buy. You would want to match your measurements with the size chart to get the right size. Therefore, it is always best to go by the designer’s size chart.


If you buy a shapewear that is too small, there is a chance that whatever you are trying to hide would show up from somewhere else. You would always feel super uncomfortable on your most special day! If you buy a size too big, we are missing the point of the shapewear!

Shapewear fall under women’s lingerie and there are bras that come under shapewear too. The same concept applies to selecting bras for wedding dresses too. You would want to find the perfect fit to match your shapewear. It should be able to be worn as a racerback, halter, or strapless, depending on the design of your wedding dress. If you have a design that you want to wear as your gown, you will find the supporting shapewear, shoes, and accessories to match it. Many think that shapewear is not crucial.

Know the level of control you want | best shapewear for wedding dress plus size

There are different levels of controls you can gain from shapewear. You have control strengths varying from Light Control up to Firm or Extra Control. You may ask “what is the best shapewear for plus size?” The kind of shapewear you must choose depends on the kind of wedding dress you are wearing. The level of control you expect from the shapewear can vary, depending on what you want to ‘hide’ or ‘shape’.

Light Control shapewear usually smooths the dress out when you wear it. If you are looking for Firm Control or Extra Hold, this means you are getting shapewear to ‘hide’ or ‘correct’ the shape according to the shape of the dress. The bottom line is, shapewear will align the shape of your body with the shape of your wedding dress. But let us not forget: Beauty comes in all shapes!!! Don’t try to think that your natural shape is ‘wrong’ and you are ‘correcting’ it through shapewear. A THOUSAND TIMES NO! But the right shapewear can help you stay in that wedding dress the whole day!


Here are the main levels of controls you can get from shapewear.

Light Control

This smooths out bra and panty lines and gives an overall smooth finish. This is not too tight and is lightweight.

Medium Control

While smoothing out bra and panty lines, gives more compression and builds the shape.

Firm Control

This is designed to smooth out the curves with extra panels. You can wear these for up to eight hours comfortably.

Extra Strong Control

These are not advisable for more than 3-4 hours because these have a lot of paneling materials like boning. It gives the highest level of body contouring, yet not so comfortable.

Plus size bridal shapewear

Know the reason for choosing the best shapewear for plus size brides

First off, shapewear is to elevate the shape of the dress when wearing it. If you have the same shape as the dress, it is more likely to sit on you better. However, a lot of us look for shapewear thinking their own shape is ‘bad’ or ‘wrong.’ But that is not correct. You must know the real reason for wearing shapewear. Once you have the design of the dress, you can work on what you are looking to manage through shapewear. For instance, you cannot help a flared wedding dress by wearing thigh shapers. You cannot wear a full corset for a backless dress. Therefore, after finalizing the dress, find the right kind of shapewear.


Types of plus size bridal shapewear

If you go to any website or online platform with shapewear, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the many choices. But rather than going over every single option, if you know what each shapewear covers, you will be able to save time and choose the right one. Here are some of the most popular types of shapewear, for those who have the question; “What do I wear under my wedding dress?”

The Full Body Shapewear

Full Body shapewear, as the name says, covers it ALL!

Full Body shapers have bra straps and go down to the knee area. You can select shapewear that includes the bra or select one that allows your own bra. If you are wearing a wedding dress with straps and a back and would want to have the most coverage, the Full Body Shaper is your choice! Most full-body shapers come with removable bra straps. So, this is suitable for even bridal shapewear strapless plus size. There are full-body shapers without the back. You can use this type of shaper if you are wearing a backless wedding dress.


Camisole/ The Tank

Some of these come with bra cutouts. But these ones are excellent for strapless wedding dresses. If you are looking to shape the torso, you might want to opt for a tank or camisole. The color you choose depends on the dress’s material. Tank shapewear smooths the shape while giving an extra lift in the right places! It can help you good if you are wearing a backless dress too!

The brief | The easiest and the most popular shapewear!

The Brief is the best shapewear for mermaid wedding dresses. They take care of the thighs and waist while smoothing the shape out. You can have different lengths of briefs. It comes in different heights for the waist too. Briefs are excellent tummy controllers and one of the most popular shapewear! This is mainly for those who want comfort while rocking the wedding dress.

All in one shaper | The girdle

These are ‘high-powered’ shapers because they run down from under the bust, until the knee, depending on what you want. You can also find the skirt style if you are wearing a flared dress. You can have different lengths of girdles, hence giving you the opportunity to select the girdle that suits your wedding dress.

The snatcher/ The waist cincher

As the name goes, it snatches the waist unlike any other type of shapewear. If you want to concentrate only the waist area, this is the one for you! It starts from under the bra until the lower tummy. While it does an amazing job, some may find it difficult to wear it for more than a few hours because most of these have firm and extra control levels.

Plus size bridal shapewear

Final thoughts: Plus size bridal shapewear can help you look your best on your wedding day!

There is shapewear for everyone! No matter what you want to ‘shape’ or ‘hide, there is something for everybody! So, worry not! There are various online and onsite platforms where you can get shapewear from. It is every girl’s dream to look their best on her wedding day. However, there are many times that brides find it difficult to choose the wedding dress of their choice. A lot of brides think that they have a limited amount of choices because they do not feel confident in wearing them. Many curvy brides think that they cannot pull off the dream dress because there are not enough shapewears for them. But the truth is, there are many varieties of plus size bridal shapewear that you can choose from.

One of the main concerns when it comes to shapewear is, many do not know how to select it. First off, you should never let someone else choose it for you. You must feel comfortable in it. Only you would know how long you can last in a shapewear. Therefore, it is vital that you do your research and get to know about bridal shapewear before relying on someone to choose. What fits for someone else may not fit you. Therefore, once you know the kind of wedding dress, you can start looking for a shapewear. When selecting shapewear, always, note that it should not be seen from the outside. Hence, selecting the right color and design is of utmost importance.

You know from where to start now!

Go ahead, grab your shapewear, and look your best on the wedding day!

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