Everything about Colombian Shapewear – Golden tips to select the best piece for you


What is the best body shaper on the market? Have you already heard about this shapewear brand, Colombian shapewear? Before coming here, you must have searched on this. Many do and get confused as there are many positive and negative facts and myths about fajas. Don’t worry; as you go through this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about these fajas Colombianas. 


Colombian Shapewear

What is a Colombian Faja, and what does it do?

This first question to answer when we are to talk about

Colombian fajas.

This shapewear has a medical industry origin, and initially, women used them for medical purposes. Originally, faja Colombiana worked as a medical-grade compression garment supporting patients after liposuction. Starting from there, with the rising demand for shapewear, fajas entered the everyday shapewear market. Today, they have a huge variety of shapewear for women who are seeking to have a more defined waistline and a body shape.

Original Colombian shapewear manufacturers use the correct technology to give the required outcome.

So, ladies, make sure to buy genuine faja shapewear to avoid disappointments. 


So, what does fajas colombiana do? Fajate Colombian body shaper today works as postsurgical, postpartum, and everyday shapewear. Depending on your requirement, you can select what is best for you as they have many varieties in each category. It hides all those bulges you want to hide nicely and gives you nice body contours boosting your confidence. This must-have wardrobe piece will stay as invisible shapewear under your favorite dresses, pants, and tops. Below are some fantastic benefits that you will get if you have a fajas Colombianas shapewear.

– Sculpted body shape- Hiding all those fatty areas on your body, faja will give you an excellent body shape instantly.   

– Support- while making your body gain that sleek, sculpted form, faja also supports giving a better body posture. Maintaining a correct posture is very important in maintaining good bone and muscle health.

– Tone your skin- Yes! They can do this. Especially after the surgery wearing a fajas Colombianas shapewear can tone your skin speeding up body shaping


– Increase thermal activity inside your body- this contributes to better blood for which is good to remove toxins from your body

– Gym support- if you need extra support under your activewear, there is shapewear Colombian, which you can wear under sportswear. 

What is the best Colombian Faja?

As mentioned before, once solely medical graded Fajas Colombianas are now available in a variety of materials, functional performances, and styles. Best Colombian Fajas are still crafted and manufactured in Colombia with premium materials and technology. You will find much non-expensive shapewear in the market made with nylon and spandex mixes.

What makes these Fajas Colombianas unique is that their high compression Powernet textile. It is a medical-grade industrial-strength material manufactured by Colombian textiles. Fajas Colombianas offer not only high compression shapewear but also soft and firm compression shapewear as well. So they have styles for everyone, no matter what body type and requirement you have. 

Colombian Shapewear

When to use this Colombian body shaper?

Depending on your requirement, you must select the features, material, coverage levels, and styles of the Colombian shapewear. The same shapewear will not be suitable to use on every occasion. This section of the article will guide you on different types of Combianas fajas, and you can decide when and which to use. 

  1. Colombian Pregnancy Shapewear – Postpartum

Colombian shapewear manufacturers specialize in and are famous for their very functional postpartum shapewear. If you are looking forward to going back in shape after pregnancy, this is one of the best to choose from.

After pregnancy, it is very normal to have the belly muscles distend. It will take some time and effort to get the body back in shape. Here is where postpartum Colombian shapewear comes into the rescue of new mommas who would love to maintain their posture and shape. There are many styles, compression levels, and materials to select what is best for you. What is more amazing is that this shapewear promotes better healing of C-session wounds. However, when it comes to this category, we would love to give you the following important tips,

– Firstly, and most importantly, consult your doctor before deciding to pull on a girdle.


– Go for a girdle that allows you to adjust the compression level. 

– We would recommend open bust girdles as they allow you to wear your most comfortable maternity or nursing bra.

– Make sure to check inner linings. Cotton and microfiber linings feel best on the skin. 

Apart from postpartum pregnancy shapewear, there is some

Colombian pregnancy shapewear as well, which keeps your body in shape during pregnancy. However, it is crucial that you check with your doctor before making the purchase. Depending on your pregnancy conditions, compression of some parts of the body might be unsafe. 

  1. Post-surgery Colombian Shapewear

As we already read, Colombians fajas entered the shapewear market with this product category. Post-surgery or post-op shapewear helps a lot in reducing the pains, swelling, and bleeding around the operated area. If you check their post-op shapewear category, you will find many styles in many colors, different compression levels, and materials. According to the level of your healing, and as per the recommendation of the doctor, you can select what gives you the best results. Among plenty of available choices, Mandy Colombian shapewear is also a good choice when it comes to post-surgery Colombian fajas. 

  1. Everyday Colombian Shapewear

As we all know, we women come in all different beautiful body shapes and sizes. Knowing your body type is crucial when it comes to shapewear if you want to attain the perfect and right shape. If you chose the wrong style, then unwanted areas of the body will get compressed, and the final look will not please you. So, why await disappointments? Know your body, know where you want to get sculpted, and choose mindfully. Colombianas fajas have shapewear for any body type and size when it comes to everyday shapewear. They have one-piece full-body shapewear and two-piece shapewear in a variety of styles. 

If you are going for a bodycon, tight dress to attend an evening function, our recommendation is seamless shapewear which perfectly hugs your body without showing seam lines. If you are to wear a girdle every day to work, a waist cincher girdle will give you that confidence and posture boosting your personality. When it comes to everyday shapewear, you must consider the level of compression. Wearing high compression shapewear throughout the day will not be good for your health. You can wear a waist cincher girdle for about 8-12 hours when you get used to its compression. Start slowly. Do not wear it for twelve straight hours on the first day of your shapewear journey. Choosing the right color faja is also important if you do not want to highlight it through your dresses. 

Another important golden fact to note is the size of the faja to purchase. Many ladies make the wrong choice here. Do not go for a size down from your body measurements. You will definitely not like those awkward extra bulges you get due to unwanted muscle tucking. Make sure to go through their given size chart, follow the instructions, and tally with your measurements for the correct size. There are shapewear size calculators as well to help you in this process. 

Myths and truths about shapewear Colombian

When you search through the internet about fajas, you will come across tons of positive and negative thoughts. That surely might make you a bit confused.

Dear ladies, don’t worry!

Let’s go through some common myths you will hear about these fajas Colombianas and clarify their credibility.

Can I lose weight if I wear a Colombian faja? 

No, that is not true!

They are only compressing your body to attain a nicer shape while keeping the same weight. Therefore, if you do not follow a nutritious, healthy diet and do not do exercise, wearing a faja will not make you lose weight.

However, there are Colombian fajas that you can wear under your gym clothes that can help you to exercise effectively, keeping the posture. Both men and women have workout girdles to purchase.

Waist cincher tummy control Colombian shapewear is a Thermo sweat body shaper that is ideal for wearing while you train.

Make a note that you cannot wear any type of shapewear while exercising.

Are Colombian fajas only for plus-size women?

No! Any woman who wants to shape her body can wear a Colombianas fajas to enhance her body silhouette flattening your little tummy and lifting the buttocks in a nice and sexy way. Who doesn’t like to look good? So Colombian shapewear manufacturers produce a huge range of fajas to cater to every beautiful woman out there.

Do fajas Colombianas support body-positivity?

Absolutely yes! Wearing a faja does not mean that we are insecure about our bodies! We love our little imperfections and just getting a little support to boost our look by wearing shapewear. Faja Colombiana naturally enhances the female body silhouette. It is our own body and our little choice to have a few defined curves on our beautiful bodies with perfect imperfections.

Can Colombian fajas squeeze our inner organs when we wear them?

Another big no for this question as well is if you make sure to buy the correct size. You must feel comfortable while wearing the shapewear. If wearing shapewear makes it difficult to breathe and gives discomfort that can affect your health. Therefore, if you wear the ideal shapewear size, your inner organs will stay in place peacefully. Read more.

Is it not good to wear fajas while sleeping?

Yes, that is correct. During sleeping, our body muscles must relax. There should be proper blood circulation. So, it is best not to wear any compression garments while you are sleeping. Let your body have that most needed rest during sleep.

Does wearing a Faja Colombiana every day give skin rashes?

If your faja is designed to wear every day, and if you take clean it as per instructions, it cannot cause skin rashes. Everydaywear Colombian fajas are made with hypoallergenic fabric that has cotton mostly. 

That’s it, ladies—no more myths and doubts.

A picture can speak loud than thousand words! Yeah, if you go through original Colombian shapewear reviews, you will see all fabulous results. You can find loads of before and after photos and see the instant difference. Beautiful smiles on the faces of ladies confirm the positive results they have gained.

To understand more about this beautiful product, go through video reviews and see why it is the talk in the town! We are again reminding you to check their size guide before purchase. Not all shapewear brands follow the same size guide, ladies. You will have to write a negative review if you get this one very important fact wrong. 

Colombian Shapewear

Where to buy faja shapewear and a few final thoughts!

There are many online Colombian shapewear wholesale and retail sellers. As we mentioned earlier, original faja Colombianas are made in Colombia. To buy a good quality Colombian faja, make sure to check its manufacturing country. 

Make sure to take care of your faja as per the care instructions. Putting it in the washing machine will surely ruin it. Hand washes the garment properly. Wear it in the correct manner to avoid getting yourself stuck in it.

Last but not least, do not rely on your shapewear only to get a perfect figure. Always maintain a healthy diet and give proper exercise to your body to enjoy a healthier life. While doing that, get the support from your Colombian shapewear to look extra fabulous in your favorite wardrobe piece.         


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