Rago shapewear- High-Quality, USA-made Wardrobe Staple Shapewear!


What is the best body shaper on the market? If you ask this question from a pretty American lady, she will definitely tell you about Rago! In this article, we will cover everything you’d love to know about Rago shapewear. This is one of the favorite shapewear brands in the American shapewear market. And, do you wonder where is Rago Shapewear made? They manufacture it completely with the USA! Rago shapewear has a history that runs over 50 years. Yes! They were making women feel beautiful since those times. With the technological advancements, Rago shapewear also now uses advanced fabric technology.


With that, they offer high-quality shapewear garments which comfortably mold the female figure-defining feminine curves. 

Types of Rago body shaper

Rago shapewear comes in a wide range of styles. With their 50 plus years history, they are famous for vintage shapewear styles. If you love those vintage undergarment details in shapewear that adds so much femininity, Rago is surely made for you. Rago shapewear retailers have body shapers, girdles, girdle belts, and many more to satisfy different customer requirements. Higher denier Lycra is the strong and powerful textile used in Rago fabrication.

Depending on the compression level, they have light, moderate, firm, and extra-firm shapewear. Plus-size women love all the available Rago plus size shapewear styles. If you check on some Rago shapewear reviews, you will see how much they are satisfied with their purchases. Rago shapewear before and after pictures prove the effectiveness of these American favorite Rago shapewear. Keep reading; we will discuss different types of Rago shapers in detail to make it easy for you to buy yours.

1) Waist Cinchers

Rago waist cinchers are very popular among women as it gives a proper shape to the mid-section of the body. It comfortably smoothes the tummy area and comes with power circle inner contour bands. These waist cinchers do not make your bottom flatten up. And, you know what; you can wear it even with briefs or trousers. It also comes with removable and adjustable garters, which makes it possible to wear with hosiery. Waist cinchers significantly and effectively mold the waistline. Waist cinchers come in a range of colors and materials. Satin and lace mixed waist-cinchers are sexy and beautiful.

2) Rago vintage shapewear

Rago is well known in the shapewear market for its classic vintage shapewear range. Their body slimming shapers include panty briefs, thigh slimmers, briefers, girdles, garter belts, expandable cup bras, Capri pant shapers, and beautiful corsets. You will find all these beautifully crafted, highly functional vintage shapewear only at Rago.


While these styles are vintage, the technology they use in manufacturing them is very modern. Among these styles, you can find Rago extra firm shapewear made using Parisian Powernet lace. The materials, color combinations, and style lines used in these sexy shapers are so feminine and eye-pleasing. If you want to look fabulous from both outside and inside of your favorite evening dress, we highly recommend Rago vintage shapewear. 

3) Specialty bras

This is another favorite shapewear piece in the American shapewear market. Rago has longline specialty bras which shape the breasts while beautifully contouring the midriff and back of the female body. They use unique expandable cup technology, and the cup shape is also unique. Among their specialty bras, you can find soft-cup bras, full-figure bras, front-closure bras, medium-firm bras, and extra-firm bras. 

4) Rago- MOCHA

This category of Rago shapewear is designed to flow with the natural contours of the female figure in a mocha-toned color range. Rago mocha panty briefs and long leg shapers with removable pads are excellent to add a little bit of curve to look fabulous in your favorite dress. 

5) Rago leg shaper/ pant liner

These long leg shapers make you nicely sculpted when you are wearing pants. It shapes from midriff, waist to derriere, back, and thighs. If you want extra-firm compression, you can purchase a Rago leg shaper legging with power lace features. 


Rago shapewear

6) Rago Plus-size shapers

If you are a plus-size woman, you can trust Rago to give you an instant bulge-free look. Rago Plus-size shapers have contour bands in their inner construction which shapes the waist, derriere, and thighs nicely, smoothing all unwanted bulges.

This category also uses denier Lycra spandex to bring a super comfortable yet highly functional shaping experience. As they offer different levels of compression control, you have the freedom to select what is best for you. Smooth fit and invisible look are favorites among plus-size women who love Rago as their shapewear staple. You will find some of the styles even in 8X. So Rago is here to serve beautiful ladies of all sizes and shapes. 

How do you wear Rago Shapewear?

When it comes to shapewear, it is important to know how to properly wear them if you want to get the perfect look they are promising.

You have to consider the following tips before wearing a Rago shaper.

– Decides which areas you want to get shaped. Depending on that, you have to select the shaper style. 

– Different body shapewear have different comfort levels and construction to achieve that level. Therefore understanding which you prefer is crucial before the purchase. Keep reading to know more about different Rago comfort levels.


– Different shapewear have different features, not for the looks of it. They are functional when it comes to shapewear. If you want to avoid extra bulges at unwanted places on your body, make sure to select the one with the right features

– Getting the right size and fit is everything to look good in a shaper. The same goes for Rago shapers. We will guide you on their sizing to get a better understanding. Not all shapewear manufacturers use the same sizing guide. Do not forcefully put your body in ill-fitting shapewear. Purchasing a smaller size to look extra slim will not be the right choice to make. 

– Wearing shapewear made with synthetic material will make you uncomfortable in warmer climates. Rago has shapers having cotton innings and other comfortable fabrics for women living in warmer or tropical climates. 


If you still need a visual demonstration on how to wear Rago Shapewear, you can check a few videos so it will give you the perfect sculpt. 

Different comfort levels of Rago shapers are also important to stay comfortable in their products. Below are what they offer. 

– Light control: gently shape the body and does not include panels or binding. Feel is similar to the support given by a control-top pantyhose. 

– Medium control: Moderately control and compress the body giving additional smoothness.

– Firm- control- Creates a slimming effect by applying excellent support to areas that need to be tucked nicely

– Extra-frim control: Apply a specific amount of compression on targeted problem areas. This is the highest compression level in shapewear. 

Rago shapewear sizing

To purchase the right size of the shapewear, you must check your body measurements as guided by the Rago shaper manufacturers. They have all the instructions on how to take the measurements as well. You can refer to it here

Mainly, you have to take bust, chest, waist, hips measurements. And using the bust and chest measurements, you can determine the correct cup size if you are thinking about buying a full-body shaper or specialty bra style. Tally the personal measurement list with the given size chart to select your perfect fit.

If you follow the procedure as given, you will surely not have to struggle to get yourself into the newly-purchased Rago shaper. The right size will always allow you to comfortably get into it. Click here to check before and after stories of their satisfied customers, and you will see the difference the Rago shapers are making.  

Rago shapewear

Where to buy Rago shapewear

Though Rago is a favorite American shapewear brand, not only American women have the luxury to wear it. If you are in Canada, search for the nearest Rago shapewear Canada outlets.

If you check Rago shapewear Amazon, you can receive it to your doorstep via international shipping. Make sure to purchase a genuine Rago shaper made in the USA to get the optimum results. Here at https://ragoshapewear.com/collections/clearance, you can find the Rago shapewear sale if you want to save a bit. 

Taking care of your Rago shaper

To ensure the durability of your shapewear, you must take good care of it. As they come with special fabrics and features to shape different parts of the body, tossing them in the washing machine can damage the piece.

Make sure to follow the below-given tips to keep Rago shapewear your wardrobe for a long time.

– Fingernails can damage the fabrics used in shapewear. When wearing and adjusting them using your hand, you must be careful. Especially the powernet material can get damaged if it gets tangled in long fingernails. 

– Reading the care label is crucial to understand the proper washing routine. Using cold water is the best to keep the fabrics in good condition. Make sure to wash the undergarments every other day to maintain proper hygiene. 

– Soak the shaper in cold water and use a soft brush to remove any dirt spots if there are any before washing. 

– It is best to hand wash gently, but if you must use the washing machine, remember to use; ‘delicate fabrics’ setting

– Never twist or wring the shaper. The inner constructions can get damaged or distorted if you do so, and you will lose the functionality of the shapewear

– Do not dry under direct sunlight. 

– Do not use dryers to dry the shapers as dryer-heat can deteriorate the elasticity of the materials with time. 

A few final thoughts…

Shapewear is to alter the body shape of a person temporarily to a sleeker, fashionable figure. From business to every day, to bridal clothing, a woman can look stunning if she puts a shaper underneath the dress.

Rago shapers that are in the shapewear market since 1945 are recognized worldwide because of their unique construction and styles. Their circle bond techniques, no-roll guarantee, delicate flat seaming, unique tummy panels, and other features make the brand stand out among competitive products. Rago shapers use high-quality US workmanship, and technical superiority in their manufacturing is excellent. 

The feminine vintage styles add so much aesthetics to their product range making women look glamorous even in their shapers. Rago shapers have won the hearts of not only American women but also of women all around the world. They offer a superb customer-care service.

Winding up…

Many leading fashion magazines like InStyle, Glamour, and Best of Intima have noted this amazing product. Women in all sizes and shapes have many different styles to satisfy their requirements. Rago shapers are one of the best shapers for any woman who would love to look beautiful effortlessly and comfortably. We hope that you now have a very clear idea about these Made-in USA high-quality Rago shapers. Happy shopping, ladies!

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