Looking for the best shapewear for bodycon dress? – We have the best on the list! 


Getting that perfect flattering figure in your newly purchased bodycon dress is not that easy, We know! But, how do all those celebrities look so fabulous in clingy dresses? While they are maintaining their curvy figures, they also get the support from best shapewear for bodycon dresses. That is no secret anymore! That little tummy you get after a good meal needs some support to tuck back nicely to get the nice shape you need. What do you wear under a tight dress really matters when it comes to bodycon styles. As you are here, we have the best list of all types of shapewear for dresses. We will let you know what to look for to suit your body, and the dress silhouette too. With the perfect purchase of shapewear, you will look fabulous in any bodycon dress.


Remember; correct choice is crucial!

best shapewear for bodycon dress 

What is shapewear for dresses?- Before discussing Best Shapewear for Bodycon Dress

Shapewear is not just a garment that makes your bra bulges vanish!

There is much more to this amazing product. In the past you if had to stay away from bodycon dresses due to that little belly fat; you do not need to do that anymore. Shapewear for dresses comes in a variety of functional variations. They come with minimizing cups, butt-lifting, and tucking up the tummy.

Shapewear also comes in different cuts and lengths as boyshorts, mid-thigh length, and high-waist.

Therefore, any shapewear you buy will not suit every bodycon dress you have in the closet. You have to select shapewear that gives the proper support needed to match with the dress.


And you know what ladies; while handling the body shape it will also hide those VPLs (Visible Panty Lines)!

Isn’t that perfect when you want to look fab in your beautiful bodycon dress without worrying?

Will Any Shapewear for Bodycon Dress Work for Me? -That is a BIG NO!

We want to make an important point clear here: pretty girls. 

Shapewear is not to make you look super skinny. Shapewear is to flesh out some extra fat nicely and smoothly flattening those imperfections giving the nearly perfect figure.


Most importantly what you get here is your confidence. Shapewear makes you look good and that makes you feel really good about yourself.

That is a pretty good reason why you should buy suitable shapewear for the new bodycon dress you thinking about buying. However, there are many more reasons as the answer to the question. As shapewear got extremely popular among women all over the world, an endless range of styles made using different fabrics came into the market. That is where our ladies get confused when selecting the best piece of shapewear.

Don’t worry!

We will guide you on that and then we will check the list of best shapewear for bodycon dress out in the market.

Go through the article and learn everything about shapewear. Sort out everything!


What are the benefits of wearing shapewear for dresses? -Before going through the Best Shapewear for Bodycon Dress, You Better Get an Idea about the Insights!

Apart from gaining the nearly-perfect feminine figure, there are more benefits of wearing shapewear for dresses. Shapewear is the exact opposite of the uncomfortable, non-healthy, and poorly-manufactured undergarments used to shape the body in the past. This revolutionary product is offering curvier sexier and most importantly healthier support to your figure. So, why not try it to look extra gorgeous like a celebrity on the red carpet.

Here are a few more reasons to go for it.

– Shapewear gives the slimmer look while making you look athletic


– Good quality shapewear is suitable for everyday use

– Many shapewear styles support to maintain a good posture and that can reduce backaches

– There are many good quality affordable shapewear brands for women in all shapes and sizes

– Availability of a versatile range of styles, designs, colors, materials, and sizes make gives you a good range to choose from

– Well manufactured shapewear nicely hides under the tight dresses without giving visible hemlines. 

– No need to layer underwear if the shapewear is covering the body. Shapewear is designed to get rid of the excess bulk. Moving from underwear to shapewear maintains the personal hygiene and shape both.

Facts to consider when selecting the best shapewear for tight dress

Before purchasing shapewear, are you wondering what to wear under bodycon dress?

Make sure to consider the following facts. It will definitely save your precious time and money avoiding a wrong choice. 

  1. Your size is important-don’t go down a size

As shapewear is to get your extra fat to flatten out, some get the wrong idea and think of purchasing a size down. That is the first and most common mistake many women do. It makes the bulges pack up unnecessarily tight in the wrong directions. And, without giving that extra firmness you were looking for, it makes you uncomfortable and makes you look bigger with newly created awkward bulges! The best thing to do is visit the shapewear shop and maintaining proper hygiene, try out a few pieces. Walk around the shop and check whether it gives the right shape and comfort. If you can bring the bodycon dress with you to try with the shapewear, you will not miss the right piece. If you are buying online, make sure to follow their size guide to make the correct purchase. 

  1. Check the performance level of the shapewear

Now you know that all shapewear is not the same. Functionally they have different performance levels. You will find that on the tag or else on the clothing label. Touch and feel the fabric too to know the difference. If you need to get smooth lines only, then go for medium contraction shapewear. Shapewear made from lightweight fabrics which smoothly slip through your hands is usually for smoothing out targeted areas on your body. For total figure transformations, you have to select ones made using heavier fabrics and having compression zones. Those will suck and tuck bulges into the right shapes giving that nearly perfect figure you seek. 

  1. Pick the right style for your body shape

We, women, have different body shapes. Therefore, same as we do when selecting fashion pieces, we have to consider the body shape when selecting shapewear too. Make sure to select what best goes with your body shape so you will get the desired result. In general, the below shapewear styles worked best with the relevant body shapes.

  • ` Apple-shaped body- Shaping camisole can smooth out the love handles and gives an illusion of a longer torso. It also compresses the bust area as well giving a nice body shape. 
  • Pear/ triangular shaped body’- Thigh shaper style shapewear supports to give a sleeker look to the women having wider hips. This shapewear target sucks and tucks love handles, thighs, the rear, and muffin tops of the body.
  • Ruler/rectangular/athletic shaped body- As these body-shaped women have nearly similar bust, waist, and hip measurements, high rise-rear enhancing briefs can work wonders on the body. That tucks away the tummy and lifts the buttocks nicely while smoothing the muffin tops if there’s any. 
  • Hour-glass-shaped body- Bust and hip measurements are roughly similar with a cinched waist in women having this figure. It is common to see somebody fat over the lower belly area and you will find some saddlebag too. A shaping bodysuit can nicely give an invisible lift to the body giving the nice dream figure looking fab in a clingy dress. 

Remember, the above shapewear style suggestions are made just in general. Depending on the dress silhouette, you will have to change your purchase. 

  1. Cotton-blend shapewear can make you extra comfortable

The usual materials used in shapewear are spandex and nylon. Those are artificial non-breathable fabrics that are good for colder climates. There are fortunately a few brands that sell shapewear which includes cotton and microfiber. If you live in summer weather, you will be more comfortable in this type of shapewear under a dress. 

  1. Select the right color

You will find shapewear mostly in beige, black, nude, and pastel pink. Depending on the color of the bodycon dress you are going to wear above it, decide the best match to buy. Black is good to go under dresses in dark hues. For light-colored dresses go for pastel, pink, beige, and nude shades of shapewear. If you ask me, “What do you wear under a see-through bodycon dress?”; I will go for a nude color that blends best with my skin tone.  

Bodycon Dress

Best shapewear for bodycon dresses- check this list ladies

So, what is the best body shaper to wear under a dress? Here is the most awaited answer. We have the best product list in the fashion market all lined up for you. After considering the facts we discussed earlier in the article, you can choose what is best for your body type and the bodycon dress style. 

  1. SPANX Suit Your Fancy Plunge Low-Back Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

What is the best Spanx to wear under a dress? Spanx was the first to bring shapewear into the fashion market by storm. Among their huge variety of this miracle garment, this is one of the best Spanx for a bodycon dress. This is perfect for dresses with plunge necklines.

Can you wear Spanx under a tight dress with a low-cut back neckline?

Yes of course this style is precise for your requirement!

The back neckline cut of this shapewear is low, giving that perfect invisible shaping support under the fabulous low-cut clingy dress. Another perfect feature is that the leg openings of this shapewear are seamless. And, this has adjustable straps which you can style in a few different ways so it will nicely hide under the dress.

What is more amazing about this Spanx is that it has this patented easy access gusset!

No need to hold your urge to use the bathroom anymore if you are wearing this. Without removing the shapewear gusset allows you to easily use the bathroom.

Amazing design, right?

This is why Spanx plunging bodysuit is one of the best Spanx for bodycon dress among many other styles.               

  1. Control Top Thong from Commando

This is one of the best shapewear for tummy and waist tucking. Moreover, this style has laser-cut edges and instantly shapes the tummy, waist, and hip area. This is designed for light compression and uses nylon and spandex mix material in construction. The style makes it completely invisible when worn under the dress.

No panty lines will be visible!

If you want those bottom curves to show nicely, then go for this. 

    1. SPANX High-Waisted Higher Power shorts– Another Best Shapewear for Bodycon Dress

This is another best seller SPANX product that is ideal for tummy tucking. This shapewear comes with an elastic waistband ensuring no lift-ups when walking, standing, or sitting. The seamless piece will nicely sit under the bodycon dress as the fabric makes it easy to wear as well. The right mix of nylon, spandex, and elastane makes these shorts great for sensitive skin. Fabric is breathable, compresses firmly well giving the cushiony fit. The Style is available in both regular and plus sizes to cater to beautiful women in all sizes. If you check Spanx under-dress before and after photographs uploaded by satisfied customers, you will see why they are leading the shapewear fashion category. 

  1. SHAPEREX Women Zipper Open Bust Bodysuit

This not-so-expensive amazing product is designed to support bringing that sexy figure back when you are wondering what to wear under a clingy dress. It has a front zipper closure and shapes the mid-section firmly tucking the tummy in. It shapes the waistline and enhances the natural curves. With the open bust cut, wear your favorite push-up bra to firmly shape the breasts. The bodysuit will also immobilize the bulges around the armpits and back. At the same time, it lifts the butt nicely giving that gorgeous sexy hourglass figure. Thong style with lace makes it easier to use the bathroom without getting in too much trouble. A worthy budget-friendly purchase it is!

  1. Irisnaya Scoop Neck shapewear bodysuit 

With the scoop neck design and great elasticity, this Irisnaya bodysuit gives the perfect support for the tummy and torso. This is one of the best shapewear for dresses plus size as well assize ranges from S to 3XL. Women who use this compliment the super soft comfortable and lightweight fabric. What is super astonishing about this is while this is perfect as shapewear for a tight dress, it also sits perfectly well under jeans, shorts, skirts.

  1. Bali body shaper cool comfort with minimizer bra cups

This body shaper comes with a cool feature to keep you comfortable. It has mesh inserts and is made with moisture-wicking fabric which keeps you cool. The fabric is velvety and luxurious. The shapewear firmly compresses the mid-section of the body making your figure ready for a nice bodycon dress. The built-in Bali Passion for Comfort minimizer bra cups with underwire is lined for shape and flatter the body smoothly. The padding in the cups allows the breasts to sit comfortably. Do not worry these paddings do not make your bust look bigger. They are designed to reduce the bust size. This shapewear hugs the body effortlessly without tugging and pinching the body. 

  1. Nebility Women’s Full slip with Built-in Bra

This body brief or under-dress shapewear is made with smooth and breathable fabric which is excellent to comfortably smooth the body curves. This backless shapewear comes with detachable straps and has a rubber insert to the hem preventing the dress from rolling up while doing its shaping job. It flattens the tummy while shaping the waist and hip curves perfectly. The seamless shapewear dress suits to go under any dress for any occasion as it shapes the body fully enhancing the curves beautifully. 

  1. SPANX OnCore Mid-Thigh Bodysuit-Best Shapewear For Bodycon Dress

If you need a total body shaping transformation in one go this will work for you amazingly. This is lightweight yet powerful sculpting shapewear made with a combination of nylon and elastane. Front panels are fully bonded to give that nice flat tummy look. Side panels have edge-bonding to give the fabulous slimming. It has those booty-enhancing pockets giving a nice and smooth lift on the back. The bust area is non-compressing, so it keeps the comfort. This Spanx also has a double-gusset opening making it very convenient to answer nature calls. This incredible product has bonded neckline and leg openings that are seamless making them invisible under the bodycon dress. This all-in-one bodysuit is available in all sizes from S to 3X. 

  1. Maidenform Open Bust Body Shaper

This is another favorite shapewear for bodycon dresses which we have on the list. If you need to nicely sculpt the waist and chest area, this romper-style body shaper is the best. Wide straps keep the shapewear in place giving extra support to the targeted area holding the chest and back in a nice posture. The lightweight feel makes it comfortable to wear throughout a long event. The hook-and-eye closures make it super easy to get into the shapewear. The legs are soft and flexible as they are non-binding. However, you cannot use this super functioning shapewear romper with sleeveless tight dresses as the straps are a bit too wide. Apart from that this piece is perfect for firm control of the chest, waist, and tummy.

  1. Nancy Ganz body architect slip dress

This is one of the best shapewear for bodycon dress Australia. The Australian company was revolutionary back in the 1990s and still, they are solely dedicated to catering to their loyal customers with the best shapewear. They use up-to-date textiles and technology to produce comfortable and functional shapewear. Nancy Ganz slip dress offers ultra-firm control with its zoned power areas. The built-in bra is fully functional giving a defined perfect sexy figure. The hem uses an anti-slip print keeping it steady in place. Straps are detachable, so you can style them as per your choice. Though this piece is a bit pricey, it surely is a complete shaping solution to tackle the bodycon dress challenge. 

A final thought on best shapewear for tight dresses

No matter the body shape you have, if you are going to wear a bodycon dress for the coming occasion, it is best to wear shapewear. Though you do not have bulges and tummy fat, shapewear will sculpt, compact, and highlight the body contours perfectly. Bodycon dresses hug the natural curves of the body like a second skin, so wearing shapewear under it will give you extra confidence.

Replacing traditional underwear with shapewear spending a little extra is really worth it considering all the benefits it offers you. If you have a few extra inches, the easiest way is to slip on a Spanx and look a dozen of pounds lighter. It is obviously healthier to maintain a healthier weight. But, as the simplest solution to get rid of muffin tops, extra bra line skin or tummy fat shapewear are the best. 

Finding the best shapewear for bodycon dress might be tricky in the current fashion market.  Though there are hundreds of shapewear brands to select from, make sure to buy a quality product. Follow all the factors we discussed before making your purchase. Especially be mindful about size. Do not go for smaller sizes and invite awkward bulges when worn. We hope that with the help of this informative article, we have made your life easier. Keep confident in your beautiful body dear ladies. 

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